in sunday's ny times: my seed 'ethics'

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.32.33 PMI WROTE AN OPINION PIECE for Sunday’s “New York Times,” about how my ethical questions in garden-seed shopping aren’t about Monsanto, or about hybrids-versus-heirlooms–the stuff I read about elsewhere–but about how and where the seed I buy was raised.

By choosing seed farmed in conditions like my own–without chemicals, and if possible, in a geographically similar environment–I can contribute less to the pollution caused by conventional seed growing, and also make a happy “match” between the seeds and my garden. Read the “New York Times” story, and if you feel inclined, share it. My latest public-radio show, produced with Robin Hood Radio, digs into the subject, too.Margaret Roach in New York Times on seeds

  1. Your article cleared up some confusion I had when reading Parables regarding what seed you prefer to plant. I agree with your focus as being the only clear one that makes any sense from which to guide oneself.

  2. Katie Miller says:

    I run a very small, worker owned, CSA farm in Rhode Island, we are no longer certified organic, but don’t use any poison (organic or not) in any part of our production, and we just started selling seeds that we grow! mail order, just a few varieties for now. We hope to grow the seed business to specialize in seeds grown on small Rhode Island farms. For anyone who would like to order, go to the Small State Seeds page of our website (www.scratchfarm.com) and mail me a check and order form.

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks for saying hello, Katie. Fascinating (and I do love Rhode Island — I have many amazing garden friends there, too).

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