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Margaret's garden clogs and trowelON A WAY TO GARDEN, I’m gradually organizing your most-asked questions and my answers into a set of simple FAQs for your convenience.

  • 12 Top Composting FAQs: What to put in the heap (and not); what to enclose it all in (or do you even need a bin at all?); how to speed things up, when (and whether) to turn, and all the other key how-to’s of making black gold.
  • Flower-Bulb FAQs: Why didn’t your daffodils bloom? How to grow dahlias? What bulbs will naturalize (and not); which ones are animal-proof? All this and more.
  • Pruning FAQs: When to prune what, and how to make the basic cuts. Lilacs, fruit trees, hydrangeas and more.
  • Mulch FAQs: What makes good mulch (and doesn’t)? When and how much to apply? Do you mulch pots, too? And more.
  • Tomato-Growing FAQs: Heirlooms or hybrids? How deep and when to plant? From seed, step-by-step; staked vs. caged. And more.
  • Tomato-Troubles FAQs: Worried about late blight? Have hornworms, or spots on leaves, no fruit set or fruit that’s disfigured? The lowdown.
  • My 20 Top Seed and Seed-Starting FAQs: From tips and techniques to the ethics or organics and GMOs, the top answers about growing from seed.
  • Cucumber-Growing FAQs: Flowers but no cucumbers? Misshapen or bitter cukes? Wilting vines? And what in the world is a gherkin, really?

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