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  1. florentina says:

    I just discovered your podcast and enjoyed your interview with Matt. Also subscribed to your newsletter.
    I have seen a photo of Erythronium Denis Canis Purple King and hope to find a place to get some of those bulbs. Peonies are also on my list.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Margaret!

    I love listening to your podcasts and find myself going back to reference your books as well. I have one question that I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on. This year I am doing more growing from seed with annuals, Perennials and my veggies of course. But what I am never sure on is when we start the seeds in a germination soil mix, at what point do we need to put it in another nutrient based soil mix to continue to grow, or do they go straight from that germination soil mix to outdoors in the ground preferably so it is a balance on seed starting time to your frost date? Help! :)

    Looking to take away some learning this next year, – Eric

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Eric. With vegetables and annuals that might be four or 6 weeks or so before transplant (from lettuce and tomatoes to zinnias and such) I just sow in germination mix then transplant the babies wit their little rootballs outside at the right time after hardening off gradually. With a perennial that might be nurtured for much longer, it will probably require potting up to larger quarters along the way — and for that I use potting soil. Likewise if I were going to grow a tomato seedling to a much larger size than the cellpack cell before transplanting, I might use potting soil (but I put my tomatoes out at 6 weeks or so, still smallish — other people grow them longer and larger). No matter what, I never buy potting soil (or germinating mix) with chemical fertilizers in them.

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