AWAY TO GARDEN and its podcast keep growing! (Which is more than I can say some summers about my vegetable garden, when it seems to be the Year of the Rabbit.)

The website debuted March 2008, followed by a public-radio show in 2010; “The Guardian” newspaper calls it a top-5 garden podcast, alongside several BBC programs. Online and on radio, my motto is “horticultural how-to and woo-woo”—information and inspiration for organic gardeners, garden-to-table cooks wanting help to enjoy and stash the harvest, and those curious about the natural world.

UPDATE 2023: We are not accepting banner ads on the website. To inquire about podcast sponsorship through our local NPR station that produces it, email me or fill out the contact form below.

P.S.–If you can use a few organically grown, garden-fresh bunnies, do be sure to let me know. The postage is on me.

Contact me with questions at awayyougrow [at] gmail [dot] com or or fill out the form below to receive podcast sponsorship information.

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