my latest assignment: a new series in ‘the new york times’

AN OUT-OF-THE-BLUE email in April shook me out of my “new normal” routine. It was an invitation from a “New York Times” editor to create a series of how-to garden articles for their readers who are finding themselves at home, in spring, and maybe could use the kind of information you come to my newsletter and my website and podcast for.

The first installment appeared April 20, with columns on Tuesdays and Fridays for the first month, and then went to once-weekly on Wednesdays, starting May 20, through late August; and monthly in late fall-early winter. We’ll ramp back up to weekly as we head to spring 2021. The topics so far:

I thought you’d like to know—and maybe spread the word. I’m flattered to be asked, of course, but most of all, I’m pleased that a media outlet as widely read as “The New York Times” understood that the garden is a place of refuge—but can also be a little daunting!—and committed to offer their readers support right now.

The more happy garden moments that happen around the homebound nation, and world, the better I figure.

I’m also pleased for awhile at least that I get to write again for the place of my start as a journalist all those years ago. A mini-homecoming.

Go say hello; if you are a subscriber or haven’t used your quota of free articles this month, you should be able to click through. Comments are open to subscribers, who are even invited to ask questions. Uh-oh, I guess I know what I’ll be doing today …

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  1. Do you have kindly invited us to do this but Patricia Bleecker says:

    Please tell me how to ask an important gardening question
    Do you have kindly invited us to do this but I don’t know how thank you kindly

  2. Michele Faison says:

    Hi Margaret,

    How do I open one of your NYT columns listed? I’d like to read the one on compost.


    Michele Faison

  3. Debbie Zink says:

    I am a little old fashion and would love to have a book of your NY times articles. Any chance you are thinking of putting them in book form? I totally have enjoyed the journey with you through this interesting year. Thanks for you information and comfort.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Debbie. The rights to do that would be in the hands of the paper…and I don’t that that’s their kind of thing. : )

  4. Paul says:

    This is so useful, thanks Margaret. We’ve just started a new garden project and your post about the easier way to make a garden bed was very inspiring. We use old recycled railway sleepers which work really well for raised beds.

  5. sally mills says:

    re seed catalogs: dont forget to promote Baker Creek in missouri, family-run and

    No Postage . wonderful heirloom varieties in many plants

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