prairifire crabapple detail 2ONE OF MY TOP BIRD-GARDEN PICKS (and not bad from a gardener’s-eye view, either) has been stealing the show the last few days. It’s crabapple season here, so I wanted to be sure to invite you to stroll through my slideshow on them, which includes lots of tips and links loaded with crabapple information as well. (That’s a detail of ‘Prairifire,’ by the way.)

  1. Jen says:

    Here on the West Coast we have only a few crabapples, and even though I am a gardener, I didn’t recognize the blooms when I saw them in the Okanagan.

    Love the colors, totally worth growing just for that hot pink color.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Patricia Tryon says:

    We don’t know which species crabapples (there are two) we have because the landscape was a year old when we bought the house. But we have a terrible with them suckering, sometimes to the point that I’m not sure that a few weeks’ glory :(

  3. Terryk says:

    I love that one. I have two sargenti and it was hard finding variety in the local nursery that were a size we could afford. I had two crab apple trees in the garden of the 1st House we bought. They were in full bloom forming a canopy over the deck of this Flushing, NY house when we first saw it. My ex always kidded that we bought the house for those trees, he may have been right.

  4. Coastal Jan says:

    Beautiful — the one pictured and the slide show. I can’t claim to have any like your other guests; however, I did get stuck in the “crotch” of a lovely old one as a youngster. It was quite the ordeal to get me out!

  5. Annabelle says:

    Thanks for the crabapple post! We moved into a house 5 years ago with a whole row of crabapple trees along the back fence, 10 I think. They are about 30-40 years old and have not been maintained (other than the electric company’s tree trimmers showing up one day to butcher the tops). I’ve been working on them with some success. However, for the first time in 5 years the suckers are appearing in the lawn up 5-7 feet away from the base. How can I get rid of these? I looked through the slide show links and didn’t see any advice on this.

  6. Dana says:

    I’m with you Annabelle! I have a ‘Prairifire’ that has been suckering every year but just around the base. I keep cutting them down but I would love some information on how to stop it. I hate it!

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