doodle by andre: (n)ice shoes, really

LATELY, LIKE THE SOUTH DAKOTA BIRD in Andre Jordan‘s new backyard, I’ve been shopping the Oh-So-Sensible Shoe Department of the local Farm and Feed Store, but I remember days when I wasn’t such a smart old bird. Make mine super-insulated, high-traction clodhoppers, please. No more Jack Frost nipping at these toes.

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  1. terryk says:

    Oh how we torture our feet in our youth with all those pointy toes and sky high heels and even walk around in the middle of winter in those holiday strappy numbers! Then one day we become a gardner and find feet and backs are two of our most important tools. Loose them and we are lost.

  2. andre says:

    when I first came to the US I wore a white shirt every day. Not anymore. Now I wear snow boots and thick jumpers and long johns. And I sometimes find that I have spent all day with my hat on.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Elodious. Rubbing it in, are you? :) Each region has its blessings and curses, I suppose, but I am glad you are having a beautiful fall. Hope to see you soon again.

      @Wendy: I have to say, this doodle is a favorite of mine, too. Glad you like.

  3. Wendy says:

    That is my favorite doodle of all time! Hillarious because it’s so true. And Andre, don’t worry, I often wear a scarf all day, or two turtle neck sweater at the same time! But I love winter all the same.

  4. Mari says:

    Haha, I just made the decision to be a South Dakota Bird this year and bought myself some real shoes. Very good decision, so happy to have them!

  5. I would discribe my style in dressing as RUSTIC-ELEGANCE. I have taste that runs from clogs, to patent leather opera shoes, with bows on them from Brooks Brothers. I have no problem looking like a “Shopping Bag Man”, or “Bum”, while gardening. But after a Quick Shower, I want to look assembled. So I want GOOD LOOKING, fancy shoes. BUT, i will protect them with TINGLEY rubbers, when the weather is wet.

    Fred Gonsowski / Fred from Loudonville, NY

  6. yvonne .s says:

    Well i am one of those people that have bought every shoes in the stores looking for warmth, guess what, they still don’t work for me.i have (raynoides syndrome) hope i spelt it correctly.(ever heard of it?)

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Yvonne, and yes, I do know Raynaud’s disease, and get it in my fingers. I think we need electric shoes and mittens; nothing short of that will work!

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