your vote needed: homies award nomination

THANKS TO SOME OF YOU sneaky friends, apparently, A Way to Garden was nominated for a Homies Award on Apartment Therapy’s re-nest site, in the “green home” category. No, silly, not just because my house is painted green.  Yes, I only drink green tea and have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years, but that’s not it, either. Apparently some of you suggested me because you know I’ve been practicing, and also preaching, least-toxic and organic gardening tactics for decades, believing that a commitment to conscious soil stewardship is where environmentalism and a safe food chain begin. Do I have your vote? Please note: You will have to sign in at re-nest to cast it (which is done via a survey tool that simply requires you give your email address, as if you’re commenting). I hope it’s worth that extra little effort. Big thanks!

  1. Burndett Andres says:

    Been there, done that. I LOVE your website and one of the reasons is that you inform your readers of other interesting sites. Thanx for this “referral.” All the best.

  2. Ginger Goolsby says:

    I am delighted to cast my vote for AWTG. It’s such a great website! Thanks also to the “sneaky friends” who nominated you

  3. Cathy says:

    You have my vote and thanks for the luscious groundcover slide show. It is delightful now that we haven’t seen the ground in weeks!

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