your input, please: what do you want to know about growing from seed?

SEED-SHOPPING SEASON is upon us, and before too long seed-starting season—with those first onions and leeks and maybe some violas to sow indoors—will be here, too.  In the week ahead, Ken Druse and I will tape our first Urgent Garden Question Q&A show of the new year on my public radio program and podcast, and we want to know:

What do you want (need?) to know about seeds?

  • Do you experience failure with some particular crop, like spindly seedlings or poor germination, or need help with a better lighting set-up or watering method or something technical like that?
  • What’s the craziest thing you ever grew—or wanted to grow but didn’t dare?
  • Your biggest win—or total flop (like the collards I sowed a few years ago that sprouted instantly but then just sat there like dwarf versions of themselves the rest of the season).

You get the idea.

Shout out your questions here (in the comments box at the very bottom of the page) so we can address them, and really focus this episode on what you need most. Thanks for your input, in the name of the best growing-from-seed season ever in 2019. The seed-themed Q&A show will be part of my annual Seed Series, which begins in early January on the program. If you don’t already get the show, it’s free on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Stitcher and other apps.

  1. Alexis Penzell says:

    Chervil! I love that herb and yet I don’t seem to do well with either starting from see or planting seedlings. They are so delicate and either dry up or bolt. I have better luck with cilantro, another fave, but also challenging to keep going. However, I’ve mastered the green thumb for heartier plants, like
    swiss chard and kale. They keep going through November!

  2. S.Lynn says:

    I tried growing a salsa garden. The cilantro hated the heat so it grew in spring or fall, not when I need it for the tomatoes, peppers and onions for the salsa.

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