world premiere: book video and soundtrack!

LET ME GUESS: You sometimes say, “I don’t have time for … “ even though you’re referring to something you really want to do. Where do the hours, days, weeks, garden seasons go? “And I Shall Have Some Peace There”—the book I call my dropout memoir, about walking away from my career to make time for things I’d postponed for decades—is now in what’s called “pre-sale,” a phenomenon deriving from successes like Harry Potter and iPads, so I’m going with the flow. It has a proper website–Version 2.0–with new stuff, such as its video, its soundtrack (crazy, huh? but you know me…), and more. (If you get my free email newsletter, you already know this; otherwise, sign up here.) Ready to watch the video, and play some tunes?

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  1. vera m says:

    How I find you an interesting person…… I would like to sit in your garden and talk with you all afternoon! You should have so many things to share! I love your site!
    big hug from Brazil!

  2. Todd says:

    The video is wonderful Margaret, It makes me really think! I forwarded your email to many friends that I know will be interested in your new book.

    Question; Will there be any garden writing in the contents.?

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks Margaret T and Vera and Todd. And Todd, yes, the garden is an important “character” in the book (that’s the best way I can describe it, really) as are many other aspects of nature. So the answer is yes, though it’s not a how-to book of course. The fact that I am a gardener informs the memoir and finally living in the garden — after 20+ years of “commuting” to it — is a big thread in the story. :)

  3. Margaret T says:

    You gave me so many paths to wander down — Tom Waits –Yeats – to reconsider – – and how wonderful -you stole my afternoon and gave me such wonderful reveries. Thank you my friend.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jeanette. I just had the MOST enjoyable visit to your Flickr stream; oh my oh my. Those botanical quilts with their clever definitions of botanical terms, tee hee. Thank you for a delightful treat to start my day. And thanks for your good words re: the book. Much appreciated. (I saw the retirement images too over there at your place!) :)

  4. Ilona says:

    I have to say I do admire you very much for having the courage to seek your dream, and for the dream itself. The book part of your site is so aesthetically pleasing, its restraint of design fairly sings.

    …and not just because of the video and songtrack ;)

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