with 33 forecast, i’m stashing tender plants

I SAID IT A FEW WEEKS AGO, when I saw a change of the guard at my feeders a couple of weeks ahead of “normal”–do the birds know something I don’t yet? Seemed to me then that winter’s first teases must be close at hand. And now the National Weather Service says it may drop to 33 one night this week, slightly higher the others (not as scary as parts of Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa, where I see–egads!–winter weather advisories and freeze watches and warnings). Here we northern gardeners go–time to start dragging everybody tender into the garage, basement, house. I talked about this on the podcast this week (also on iTunes), and for a more thorough reference, try this overwintering primer.

  1. Judi says:

    It is in the 40s and wind gusts to 45 here at our camp on Lake Superior. Mother Nature is having a temper tantrum. We are 20ft from the waters edge……More Hot Coffee please….

  2. Laura Biegger says:

    May do some “covering”, even though “they” say the coldest will be in the northern part of Iowa. Have some “special” peppers that haven’t co-operated at all this summer and are just now starting to form fruits. Also, want to try to overwinter a rosemary plant (probably a task beyond me, but still…..!)

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Charles. Yes! Heat traps, those buildings and roadways and all of it. I stay cooler on summer nights but when the going gets cold…I get cold faster.

      To all of you so far with your hilarious and helpful comments on this one: Maybe if we huddle together we can stay warm? :)

  3. Candylei says:

    Wowzers, already? Our first frost is usually the first or second week of October here in Maryland. The deer have been feeding during the days though and that is suppose to be a sign of sorts. Although they stay up night and day to eat apples off of the trees!

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