will i be seeing you at wordcamp nyc?

WordCampNYC – Nov 14-15HARD TO BELIEVE THAT A YEAR HAS PASSED since the first WordCamp New York City, which I was proud to co-sponsor to try to express some of the gratitude for what the blogging platform called WordPress has given me–and by extension to you, too, dear readers, since without WordPress I could not invite you into my garden and communicate with you this way. A Way to Garden is built on WordPress, as is the blog network I started late last year, The Sister Project. The upcoming WordCamp, an opportunity for all levels of bloggers to learn more about this powerful tool and network with others using it, will be November 14 and 15 in New York City. Will I see you there? Ticket registration information is here.

  1. virginiamorningstar says:

    I really enjoy your blog; it has taught me a lot. I’d be interested in your opinion of the merits of wordpress over other content management systems such as textpattern – this type of issue is not my forte and I need to evaluate the merits of converting my current bed and breakfast website to WordPress and whether it would justify the cost. Thoughts?

    1. Margaret says:

      @Virginiamorningstar: I love WP for the easy ability to update content and make changes myself, so that with a few minutes work (not including the shooting of photos or writing!) I can upload new things to the blogs and change things around. I don’t know why you are dissatisfied with your current site, so hard to say whether WP would be better. I suspect you don’t update your own pages now and wish you could, yes?

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jenn. The same goes from me to you…there will be another event, I am certain, or we will get you here for garden tours or some such. Thanks for saying hello.

  2. cara says:

    hi Margaret, I can’t tell from the WordCamp website whether the event will be equally relevant for WP.com users as for WP.org. I’m wary of driving all the way into NYC to find myself embroiled in something overly technical. Do you know? Thanks!

  3. ayo says:

    I think of myself as a “future blogger.” I did use a blogspot listing once to sell my house—does that count? Just wondering whether I will get enough from WordCamp or if my lack of technological saavy will waste their time and mine…any rank beginners out there who can answer?

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