why do you garden?

A GREAT QUESTION WAS RAISED over the weekend on the Urgent Garden Question Forums: Why do you garden? Not being able to control myself, I replied with a flip one-liner. But new member Elizabeth took the question posed by Kenn seriously, and shared a more truthful reason. Why do you garden?

  1. Marge W says:

    I’m not ususally home when Martha is on but catch her when I can. Margaret, what a wonderful surprise you were. When you were done I went to your website! I’ve been reading and looking at pictures and must soon go do other things, but THANK you for a wonderful easy place to find info about gardening!

  2. margaret says:

    Welcome, Beverly. When your husband has some free time, send him north a ways. These frogboys don’t do much in the way of home improvements. :)

    Welcome, Marge. Do let us be a regular distraction, or at least a little escape when there is time. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. margaret says:

    Welcome, Jennifer. So nice to hear your story. We are here, and happy “talk” anytime. Watch out for those rabbits…can be pesky, hungry boys. My frogs just eat bugs, but bunnies…well, they are herbivores, meaning they eat your garden!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I used to watch endless hours of tv. After suffering a stroke with some vision loss on New Years Eve and being away from home for 7 months, I started gardening. I can no longer stand the noise of the tv or the constant motion. Being outside has help keep me sane while getting used to my new reality I’ve got a food garden started and 2 new flowerbeds in my back yard. I may not mow straight rows and I run into something I can’t see but I’m out there, in my space, doing my thing. No frog boys here I do have squirrels and yesterday saw my first rabbit. I can’t wait until spring. Can someone tell santa to put some seeds in my stocking?

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