what i’ll miss (now that frost has come)

zinniasLET THE LONGING BEGIN. Frost finally hit Friday, with two more visits since, bringing many things gradually to their knees. I’d just gathered the last barrow of tomatoes and the final ‘Benary’s Giant’ zinnias in matching tomato shades, red and green and orange, the only zinnia colors I grow. I’ll miss these humble flowers I’ve known since childhood. As we’ve discussed before, and will again: Nothing lasts. Which among the recently hobbled beauties will you miss most?

  1. margaret says:

    Welcome, Larkin…are you trying to make us Northerners all jealous? :) We will post pics of the changing seasons and such to keep you happy, if you will send us some sunshine.

  2. Larkin says:

    I just moved to Florida, so what I’ll miss the most is the frost! I miss all the colors of fall back home in Washington. On the plus side, I can continue to grow my vegetables into the winter, which is a very exciting feeling. Tomatoes, spinach, herbs, broccoli… I’m even giving a watermelon a try, all right outside on my patio. Everything is doing very well except for the watermelon, but I got it a bigger pot to see if that would help.

    Still, I missed the changing of the seasons, and I actually miss needing sweaters and jackets and scarves and mittens. That’s what I miss the most.

  3. Tammy says:

    I think what I miss the most, during winter, is when it’s just too darn cold to get out there and work in the garden. Indoor gardening is just NOT the same. Will miss my daisies, cosmos, coleus, …

  4. Bill says:

    My geraniums are still blooming well and I’ll take some cuttings off the best plants before frost and grow them inside. Call them boring, but I’d be lost without four or five types of geraniums to look at. I love your three zinnias and will make a note to order. I’d planned on having dozens of an all-white variety of zinnia and they were disappointing, with stems too short, and little branching. Do the Benary’s Giants have long stems?

  5. Layanee says:

    I will miss the flowers of the dahlia ‘Poeme’ and the lushness of the hostas which have, overnight, turned to mush. Time to clean the house for a change and let the garden just be.

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