what i can't grow, and more, in a new book q&a

IN A Q&A WITH MOTHER NATURE NETWORK, which serendipitously is being showcased on the front of CNN.com, green-living columnist Matt Hickman asked questions as wide-ranging as the plant I’m the worst at growing; what garden chemicals I used before I knew better (!!!); books that have inspired me, and the music I’m listening to now. A big thanks for the story Matt sweetly titled “Heartfelt Horticulture,” about me, my book, and my “new” life. Matt said my story “inspired both the writer and the solitude-seeker in [him],” a big compliment, since I suppose that is what my adventure has been about at its most essential. Will we soon see you up here in Nowheresville staking your own claim, Matt?

  1. Bob Scherer says:

    I left this comment on Mother Nature Network in rebuttal to a previous comment that said “You can’t escape”:

    You can escape

    The first step in escaping is to chose time over money.
    Although I didn’t take quite the leap that Margaret did, I took early retirement in 1990 at age 51. Leaving a challenging job with lots of First Class travel to Asia & accommodations to boot, I never looked back at what I left. Fast forward eight years to 1998 and a move to 16 acres of woods in Southern Maine. The gardens I have carved from these woods, and the many tons of stone incorporated therein are my passion now. Snowboarding in winter keeps me from complaining about the snow. When the snow goes, my gardens appear ready for adjustment and expansion. Daily music and wine with my wife and Theo (my cat) in the garden is its own reward for a hard day’s work. For me it is truly magical!

    Re May Sarton: She lived in York, Maine (my town) the last 22 years of her life. Her secretary lived in the house I now live in. She sold it to us in 1998. My wife is also a big fan of Ms. Sarton’s journals. There will be a 3-day celebration for what would have been Ms. Sarton’s 100th birthday May 3-5, 2012, here in York. We plan on participating.

    1. Margaret says:

      Thank you so much for this considerate comment, Bob. I agree: you can escape, even though you cannot have it both ways. :) I need to learn more about May Sarton centennial events! Thanks for the head’s up.

  2. Bob Scherer says:

    You are welcome Margaret. If you decide to come up this way for the May Sarton events in 2012, please join us in our garden, I know you would like it. I f you have any questions or need further info that you are not able to obtain on your own, feel free to contact us. You can find me on facebbok – first name robert.

  3. Matt says:

    Haha. You never know, especially if the weather behaves and the snakes and spiders remain out of clear sight. Brooklyn almost lost me to a funky, termite-infested share house on Fire Island a couple summers back.

    1. Margaret says:

      Hi, Matt. I will talk to the critters and see if we can behave long enough to entice you. :) Thanks again for a lovely piece.

  4. Brian G. says:

    Another nice piece. Also just listened to your interview with Ken Druse on his Real Dirt site. You always manage to keep your interviews fresh with stories and bits I haven’t heard before. That is a talent. Or, if you remember the last line in Dr. Zhivago “Ahh…then it’s a gift.”

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