well said: clematis

AN UNPRUNED CLEMATIS looks like a disemboweled mattress—a painful sight.’—the late Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixter, garden writer, nurseryman, gardening genius.

  1. Dan long says:

    I love this quote! It’s bad enough when folks only think of clematis as “mailbox vine”. Then they go and leave them at the entrance to their homes looking like the son they sent off to college 6 years ago and came back without ever getting a haircut and rarely seeing a comb!

  2. margaret says:

    Welcome, Dan. Well, aren’t WE quick to respond to a cold call? Thanks. Yes, Christo was the best, and especially on the topic of Clematis. Such a character, such a gardener. Love your catalog as I said and want to connect to do something together, and have a Clematis post planned this week. Plus there’s this clematis I cannot ID for the life of me…might need a consult!

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