a way to garden’s top garden stories of 2016

YOU KNOW THE ROUTINE: I run the numbers, then share what stories you clicked on most in 2016. I’ve made two lists this time: one of the most popular things that were published all year, the other of most popular over all.

The latter includes vintage articles that thanks to strong search traffic get tens of thousands of clicks apiece (or more) each year in seeming perpetuity–beating out “new” things until some of those hopefully achieve the search-engine sweet spot, too. Drumroll, please:

2016’s top ‘new’ things

2016 hits (the classics, thanks to search traffic)

  1. KC says:

    Do you know where the planter in the upper right corner (has the assortment of mostly sedums in it) is from? It is beautiful and exactly the kind of modern but traditional planter I’ve been looking for. Thanks for a reply!

    1. margaret says:

      I can ask Katherine Tracey of Avant Gardens, whose planter it is. I suspect if you search for “Campania martini glass planter” you will find things like it from Campania, one really nice manufacturer.

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