waiting, waiting (part 2)

hosta shootsAS I KNOW I have already mentioned (do I sound desperate yet?), I am waiting for things to happen, for sure signs of life as I crawl around the leaf litter these tenaciously cold days, uncovering possibilities. What am I waiting (hoping) for? Things like the fiercely alive, sharpened-looking shoots of hostas. What are you waiting for in your garden?

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Your blog is so nice…I especially liked your post on magnolias. I grew up in California, and we only had the white ones with glossy leaves, and I always wondered about the pink ones here.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Claire. To a cold-climate gardener like myself “the white ones with the glossy leaves” (the magnolias you had in CA) are like some kind of unattainable treasure. The grass is always greener, huh?
    So glad you visited. I shared your knitting blog, http://www.newyorkminknit.com/, with my sister, who’s a demon knitter (I am hopeless at it).

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