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ILOVE TECHNOLOGY; without it I would be even more of a loner, talking only to Jack the Demon Cat most days. If your book club, garden group or local library would like to “meet” with me to talk about gardening or my books, I schedule a limited number of these virtual visits each month.

There is no charge for the session, which will be conducted over Skype (or another technology if group size dictates), but the idea is that I’m offering this to foster book sales, so groups buying and reading “The Backyard Parables” or “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” get the first bookings.

Write to me at awaytogarden [at] gmail [dot] com (taking out the brackets and putting it all together with an at symbol) and be sure to write the words VIRTUAL VISIT in the subject line of your email. Tell me:

  • The purpose and size of your group;
  • When it meets and what date you’re requesting;
  • What time zone you are in to avoid confusion;
  • Whether you have done a virtual meeting before, or will need help getting set up technically.

I’ll send personalized, signed bookplates for each member of the group as well. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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