virtual visits: invite me over for a book chat

MY TINY HOUSE CANNOT FIT ALL OF YOU, and truth be told, I hate to stray far from my dining room “desk” (above) and garden and cat these days. But I love technology and hope that you’ll invite me to join your book or garden group, or a meetup at your library perhaps, to talk about “And I Shall Have Some Peace There” (well, and maybe some plants and general gossip). The details of this latest hare-brained scheme of mine are here. Virtual visits, anyone?

  1. Kathy Stilwell says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I am going to order your new book and will propose it as a reading/gardening circle to the master gardeners here in Macon County, NC.

  2. Kathy Stilwell says:

    I would really like that! I’ve enjoyed your work for some time now. Looking forward to your book coming out! It’s the only one I would consider paying more than 9.99 for as an electronic version. Which leads me to a question. Do you, as the author get any of the extra $$ the publishers are charging on amazon/kindle for ebooks? If so, it may alter my decision.

  3. Pat says:

    I love the generosity and the creativity of this Virtual-Visit via Skype idea. My book group’s policy is that someone in the group must have read a book before it can be proposed to the group. I’m eager to read the book so I can entice people to take a chance on technology and see about a Virtual-Visit. I’m guessing though that you’ll want to be spending lots of time outside planting before too, too long, so the Virtual-Visit window may be limited. With visual hookups, this has so much more promise than a conference call with a book group. How about a YouTube promo piece for the Virtual Visit or one on Away to Garden? That might help me sell my group on your book without the regular pattern….. Best of luck with this venture.

  4. shashe says:

    That is the most inviting picture. Restful and lovely. And, Jack’s spot looks the warmest!

    The skype idea is grand– but being the lone gardener in my local tribe, I will most likely pass. That being said, I hope you get to do a BUNCH! And, good luck with all of them.

  5. Judy says:

    I’ve just emailed my local book store owner about this idea. Her husband is a computer genius, so this may be coming here soon. What a great idea.

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks, Gardener. Be sure to follow the links to the more detailed page and write me an email about your group, when, etc. Thanks!

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