up to your ears in holiday prep?

EVEN THE BUDDHA OUT BACK GETS UP TO HIS EARS during the run-up to the holidays. And now on top of everything else, there’s shoveling and sanding and salting to do, since it’s the first real snow day here. If only they wouldn’t play “Let It Snow!” so much this time of year, I might stand a chance of being ready by the 25th!

  1. Sharon says:

    Margaret — as we wait for our first serious snow, I feel your pain! And drat, I didn’t get my anti-desiccant on yet, but at least I’ve swaddled the viburnum davidii. Otherwise, they protest a bit too much when we get a too-cold winter here.

  2. Linda Corshen says:

    Please…..more on those BBC crime series. Alas, I am unconvinced that there is life after Blood in the Wire and MI-5. Recommendations??

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Linda. Yes, in the weekly newsletter I mentioned that I am addicted to BBC crime series of various forms. Wire in the Blood and MI-5 are among my favorites, but I have just been all the way through Foyle’s War (WWII period piece, police drama), and of course years ago watched all of Prime Suspect and then the other show that its creator did: Trial and Retribution (gritty, not nearly as good, but tons of episodes over many seasons), and the Brit version of Cold Case, called Waking the Dead and and and and and … oh, I loved Cracker (a crime series). Loved.

      I will have to go to my Netflix history and look at all the things I have watched and get more names.

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