turquoise beauty: sedum ‘matrona’

I LOVE SEDUM ‘MATRONA’ in all its parts: raspberry-stained stems, ivory-into-mauve flowers, and of course its blue foliage, which in the light of a rainy day glows like turquoise. Even the seedlings–yes, this beauty of a tall Sedum self-sows here–are charming, and so easy to move around. In case you don’t know it, meet Sedum ‘Matrona’ (blooming now here, above).

Read its full plant portrait for more luscious details. You know I can’t get enough Sedum (I love the little guys, too). Read about groundcover types of Sedum in this slideshow.

Others among my favorite perennials you might like: They’re all here (along with some good-looking annuals, admittedly). Enjoy.

  1. Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm says:

    I love sedums, all kind! They are so beautiful, even in the snow and vigorous growers with very little care. One of my favourites!

  2. I am in love with sedums right now! I just completed a vertical planting, a green wall with ground cover varieties of sedum and sempervivum. It’s a toss up for my favorite between the grayish-green Sedum ‘Dasyphyllum Major’ with it’s cute, chubby growth habit or the very pretty Sedum ‘Tri-Color’.

    If you’re interested we have pictures of the wall being planted:

  3. maria mccune says:

    Love the sedum and will give it a try. I am into turqoise plants. Have you tried peacock fern in your shade garden? It is absolutely beautiful and turns more turquoise the more shade it gets. Not many people know of this fern, and I don’t know the zones it tolerates, but you could always take it in for the winter.

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