tucked in with my begonias: a recap of their care

MY OLD FRIENDS ‘MARMADUKE,’ ABOVE, and ‘Little Brother Montgomery’ and all the other fancy-leaf begonias I grow for double duty–garden display in spring and summer, houseplant service all fall and winter long–are tucked in safely with me, thank you, but neither they nor I are happy about it, truth be told. Low light and dry indoor air and a dry, frigid outdoors as the only alternative aren’t the happiest of times, but onward we trudge. It’s a good time for a reminder on how to make these rewarding plants as happy as possible in the offseason, and every time of year. (Plus, they make great holiday gifts…sources included along with all the tips and a begonia slideshow–all right here.)

  1. I love these old favorites and love how they add so much life to a home. I too have ‘bonfire’ but because of my mild California climate, it is outdoors through the year. Of course it will go dormant soon. I LOVE it when it bursts through the soil and begins to flaunt its stuff. Hurrah!

    Happy growing and SO look forward to your new book,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. Lynn Bay says:

    We heat with wood and the indoor plants love the pan of water that sits on the stove all winter long. Now, if the weather would get above freezing I would be happier also!

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