trick, not treat: an october 27 snowfall

October 27 snowfall
I MEAN, REALLY. At 6:14 PM last night–pre-Halloween, mind you, pre-EDT clock change–it was already dark with 3/4 inch of snow on everything outside. Uh-oh. By dawn, this was the scene, with an inch and a half, I suppose. A 15-foot Kousa dogwood–still in leaf–is splayed with its tips touching the ground; so are many other things that hadn’t dropped their foliage in preparation in time. Another 2-4 inches is forecast for tomorrow, which sounds destructive to me. How’s your scenery as we approach Halloween? Tricks, or treats, from on high?

  1. Brian G. says:

    Hope your power hangs in there. Looks like mine may be out but I’m not there. Don’t know if not being there is a good thing or not. I’ll find out when I get there on Monday and survey the damage. Be careful out there and don’t go near the trees.

  2. Terryk says:

    Hope you did not lose power last night. Ours hung in there despite some rounds of flickering lights. My back was killing me so I skipped the last round of shoveling, I hope I don’t regret that tool much today. So far no snapping of trees either so I am hoping the wind does not kick in today and the snow gently slides off everything.

    I had chrysanthemums flowering in the garden along with a hellebore. Wonder if they made it? Of course the box of bulbs need to be planted yet too….

  3. Looks like Denver last week! I was in a rush to pick all of my unripened harvest and get them in the house! The snow is now 95% melted and I am hoping my green tomatoes ( all 60 pounds of them) will ripen indoors. Wish me luck! I hope that you thaw out soon!

  4. Judy Venonsky says:

    Oh, Margaret.
    How do you get over the loss and maining of some of your most beautiful trees? I lost a beautiful Rutger’s Dogwood that I got for my 40th birthday. Magnolia tree dessimated, pear tree-no surprise, left with only 3 main limbs….apple tree uprooted completely, and snapped white pine branches leaving the trees looking like they have missing teeth.

    I have made peace with the deer, but I never quite know how to not cry over the loss of the trees that can never be replaced.

    1. Margaret says:

      Hi, Judy. I worried and worried about my copper beech, which I could never live long enough to replace and see grow up again. It was spared! Others, I am not so sure about yet, but there’s lots of snow still so I can’t really tell for another few days. Thanks for saying hello.

  5. Judy Venonsky says:

    Thanks for responding Margaret. I will cross my fingers for your other trees. As for the copper beech, there is probably not more impressive and stately tree. I am happy it was spared.

  6. Cairn says:

    Oh, Margaret! My gardening “heart” goes out to you over this pre-Winter visit by mayhem! Be careful not to slip and fall in the cleanup.

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