top 50 stories of 2014: tactical help, great plants

best of 2014 collageTOMATOES AND GARLIC and things for the shade. Tricks for success with seeds, and for putting up the harvest so it lasts. No surprise that those were among the subjects that made the hit parade again this year–tactical help, and great plants.

Note: Pages like my overall “About page” and the listing of all my Garden FAQ pages always do well, but I’ve removed them from this list as they’re not individual stories, exactly. The other big multi-story hit: the monthly Garden Chores archive.

Here’s what rated top billing in 2014:

your top 50 of 2014

  1. What to plant now for a fall vegetable garden
  2. The tricky matter of when to harvest garlic
  3. Freezing parsley, chives and other herbs
  4. When to start seeds: a calculator
  5. Tips for growing better tomatoes from seed
  6. Growing potatoes organically: plant, hill, harvest how-to
  7. When to start what: vegetable seed calculators
  8. Why vegetable seedlings stretch and get spindly
  9. Things I didn’t know about Hosta, with Tony Avent
  10. Farm-fresh peaches, frozen to perfection
  11. Growing and storing a year or parsley
  12. More than one way to ripen a tomato
  13. What’s in pickling spice? Some recipes
  14. Prevent tomato disease: good tomato hygiene
  15. 51 top shade plants (slideshow)
  16. Skins-on easy tomato sauce to freeze
  17. How to grow garlic, with Filaree Farm
  18. 10 thoughts on successful underplanting
  19. Dan Koshansky’s refrigerator dill pickles
  20. 10 tips for growing blueberrries, with Lee Reich
  21. Soil-saving tricks for planting big pots
  22. How to grow the best-tasting tomato
  23. Say no to deer with fencing
  24. How to grow carrots, with Dr. John Navazio
  25. Growing and storing a year of garlic
  26. How long do seeds last? Estimating viability
  27. When inner conifer needles turn brown
  28. The toughest groundcovers I rely on
  29. Garden prep: How to make a bed with cardboard
  30. Cucumber growing, and the best pickles
  31. What weed is it? Putting names to pesky plants
  32. How trash helps me save on potting soil
  33. Stewartia, an ideal small tree
  34. Overwintering rosemary, indoors and out
  35. Top conifers for year-round beauty
  36. Remembering my man Jack
  37. How to prune clematis, with Dan Long
  38. Tips for designing a garden
  39. Tomato-growing FAQs
  40. Mulch FAQs
  41. An easy annual poppy: Papaver somniferum
  42. Lee Reich’s blueberry-growing how-to
  43. Battling mice and voles (but never with mothballs)
  44. Hugelkultur, nature’s raised garden beds
  45. How to grow kale, with Sarah Kleeger
  46. Easy asparagus-Parmesan bake
  47. Fothergilla: a multi-season star shrub
  48. Baked pears
  49. Brassica pests: caterpillars on broccoli, cabbage and more
  50. Herbed roasted tomatoes to freeze, with Alana Chernila
  1. bavaria says:

    Margaret, your site is wonderful and one of my favorites. Thanks for all the great information, pictures, and fun.
    Merry Christmas!

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