top 10: most popular posts published in 2018

THANKS TO SEARCH ENGINES, my list of most popular stories each year is often very similar–with classic topics (growing garlic, planting a fall vegetable garden…) that I covered years ago still each getting boatloads of clicks, each in its own time. But which new posts, published in 2018, were the most-read? In case you missed any of them, that top-10 list is here (and the top 50 all-time list is over at this link):

1. Developing a signature garden style, even in a small space, with designer Susan Morrison

2. Overwintering tender plants, plus issues with hydrangeas (a reader and listener Q&A session), with Ken Druse

3. Vegetable and mushroom soup ideas, with Alexandra Stafford of Alexandra Cooks dot com

4. Cattle-panel DIY ideas (creating tomato cages and more garden organizing tools with wire fencing), with Joe Lamp’l

5. Asian jumping worms, and research around these terrifying invasive species, with Brad Herrick

6. Clematis pairings, and how to use clematis in the garden creatively, with Linda Beutler of the clematis society

7. Top late perennials, with Katherine Tracey of Avant Gardens nursery and garden-design firm

8. A season of container improvisations from Margaret’s garden, both pots of water plants and the usual kind

9. How to grow, and store, dahlias, with Longwood Gardens’ senior horticulturist and dahlia expert Roger Davis

10. How effective are nativars? How insects view fancy-leaf and double-flowered versions of native plants, with Doug Tallamy

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  1. EILEEN FIDER says:

    My comment i
    s unrelated, but it’s always on my mind. Annually I have a giant problem with aphids. The last 2 years they’ve been all over a huge hydrange in my back yard. Previously they were in my front yard trying to destroy a small holly tree. Any way I can prepare for summer’s onslaught ? When they arrive, I’ve tried to all the usual cures mentioned on the internet.
    Thanks for listening. Eileen Fider. TV

  2. Sally Rowe says:

    Hello Margaret, hoping you can advise on organic potted plant fertilizers for houseplant and outdoor potted plants, but which have greater impact than the Neptune’s Fish Emulsion I’ve been using. Whenever I see others’ lush potted plants they are usually using Miracle Gro or some other all purpose with high numbers and questionable ingredients. Are there any all purpose fertilizers with higher NPK that would have a bigger impact, while being natural and environmentally safe? I’ve used Espoma (Holly Tone etc) for outdoors in the garden, but for potted plants would like something that gets diluted in water. Many, many thanks in advance!

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