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comments2IWOULD NORMALLY SAY SOMETHING FLIP AND FUN (and filled with thanks to you) on the occasion of another A Way to Garden comment millennium. The blog just passed the 9,000-comment mark, but with the events in Haiti on my mind I don’t want to celebrate, exactly. Instead, I’m marking the moment and sharing my blessings by doing a little bit to help rebuild Port-au-Prince’s general hospital, with an additional donation to Partners in Health. I’m sending them a little something for each time you have reached out to me with your support on A Way to Garden these last 22 months. Thank you for always being here for me.

  1. Garden Guy Kenn says:

    I can’t think of a better way to say, ‘thank you’ than helping in Haiti. Thank YOU for being here for us and now, for being here for those who truly need you most.

  2. Abby Palmer says:

    Margaret – I’m touched to see you and so many other bloggers extending their financial support to Haiti via the ‘cents per comment’ method. It’s such a nice way to get your readers involved, and to help us feel that our comments can make a difference, no matter how small.

    Congratulations on your 9,000 milestone.

    Abby Palmer

  3. Cheryl says:

    Margaret: Thank you! Partners In Health is such a worthy charity. We will all need to continue to support their efforts long after the news cycle.

    In addition, your blog is such a welcome treat. Keep up the good work in all your endeavors.


    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Ann H. Thank you in all ways — the reader visits really encourage me, and frankly I find the plant talk even more of a refuge in these days of such hard-to-grasp news. I hope you will be a regular.

      @Cheryl: Thanks; my neighbor Dr. Mark Hyman and his orthopedic-surgeon wife and father-in-law have been in Haiti with a PIH team since last Friday, literal first responders, and it is his lead I follow in choosing the focus of my gift. I could not agree with you more about how the need for support will be ongoing. Thanks for your good wishes, and see you soon.

      @Kenn and Abby: Thank you both for all your encouragement in our funny little community here. :)

  4. Rosella says:

    Margaret, it’s us (we?), the commenters, who should be thanking you for this special place! What a wonderful idea though to mark your 9,000th comment with a gift to such a sad and worthy cause. Perhaps when all is settled and calm again in Haiti, there will be a new beginning for the Haitian people who have shown such courage in such terrible adversity.

  5. Carole C says:

    Althought I previously made a donation to help rebuild Haiti, your thoughtfulness and generosity has prompted me to also give to PIH.

  6. Jan says:

    Thank you, Margaret, for A Way to Garden – the Web site and the book – and your generosity toward Haiti, which will need our help this time next year, too.

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