to celebrate spring, a giveaway of my first book

SPRING STARTS NOW (although in my head it started three days ago, when I gardened outdoors for the first time). To celebrate, I offer a “giveaway” (our first “contest” ever, but there’s a first time for everything). Here’s how to win one of two “new” copies of my collectible, out-of-print book “A Way to Garden” (which I have seen sell for up to $125 online lately, oh my).

All you have to do to have a chance in the truly random drawing (I’ll use the tool at random [dot] org to pick a winner) is comment below, and be a subscriber to my email newsletter.

It’s easy to sign up for the latter if you haven’t already, and free, and here’s what it’s like in case you are worried I’m a spammer.

After I draw the winner, I’ll verify that he or she is, in fact, a subscriber…if not, I’ll draw again.

I know, that Margaret, she always wants something, right? Well, not really—there are no ads here or anything; I do this all for free for two years so far as of this week. (Truth be told, I do it for my mental health, and you are all part of the therapy.) But I love seeing our community grow, and the newsletter helps make that happen.

Happy spring, and good luck in the drawing! The two winners will be announced one week from today, March 27; entries close midnight Friday, March 26.

  1. Doris Dotson-Francis says:

    Love your web-site. I hope you make prints available for purchase. I love your Budda and frog, always makes me smile. Oh by the way I am an ultimate garden
    I am the receipent of an organ transplant 15 years of life from a stranger. What a gift.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Doris, whose story is one of great inspiration. Thanks for sharing it here. I will love thinking of you as “the ultimate garden.” :)

  2. Judy McGhan says:

    My favorite story is Jack the Demon Cat and his winter antics. I think I like it so much because I can vicariously enjoy Jack and your adventures with him. I have been wanting a cat of my own for a long time now (or even a dog to get me out of the house and walking for exercise) but my husband has vetoed it every time I offer the wish/suggestion. So I enjoy Jack instead. Thank you for sharing his antics and pictures. He warms my heart. Judy

  3. Marcia Albertson says:

    I started reading your book today (put it down to do a little weeding this afternoon)…..love, love, love it! Watched you on Martha…..you had me at Jack. I checked out your A Way To Garden site after the Martha show, enjoy the site, ease of getting around on it and your news letter immensely. Marcia

  4. Karen says:

    Dear Margaret,
    I’ve just finished the new book. (Yes I bought it). I loved every page and am planning to give a few as birthday gifts for friends. I share your snake phobia and I know how difficult it is to be a gardener and live with the critters. I even had to get rid of a black garden hose that had a yellow stripe on it. A glimpse of it” s” shaped in the grass and I would find myself shaking on the porch. I’ll try the “watching them through the camera lens” trick.

  5. Bich-Van Phan says:

    I’ve started to frequent your website after seeing you on Martha. I’m a new gardener and very interested in everything related to gardening.


  6. Merrily Beams says:

    I happened to see you on the Martha Stewart show promoting your new book: And I Shall Have Some Peace There. I purchased the book the next day and I am eager to read it. It’s next in line. And today, I discovered your website. I saw the offer regarding your garden book: A Way to Garden and I am adding my “comment” but I haven’t even looked over your website entirely yet. I think I will enjoy everything about it.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights!
    I know it will be a pleasure getting to know more about you!.

  7. Elena says:

    I’m going to subscribe to your newsletter right now! You are very entertaining, but mostly inspirational. Your gardens are beautiful! I din’t realize you had enough of a growing period up there in Vermont!

  8. I have been following you for a couple of years now. When I found out you were going to be at the Berkshire Botanical Garden annual winter lecture I couldn’t wait to see you in person. I love your A Way to Garden blog, the slideshows, Andre’s doodles, the faq’s, the recipes and the advice of course. I also have a deep love for the set up of your blog- the graphics make me happy. The site is so welcoming and it makes my heart beat. I love your cat, Jack, and I am thrilled you are now a cat person. I follow you on facebook and although there are many daily additions to my feed ,yours makes me get stuck and tell myself, ok, go do something, hello!
    I bought your most recent book at the BBG lecture and when you signed it I felt like I already knew you- your book made me feel like we were kindered spirits. I now have A Way to Garden from the library and I would give my eye teeth for a copy! I have already renewed it- and hate to give it back. I guess you could say I was a fan.

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