theme song for 2009: serious tractor envy

I LIVE ON A ROAD OF DAIRY FARMS, and have tractor envy, bigtime. My rig to the 10th power wouldn’t even equal theirs. Sigh. So I sit here feeling pitiful, playing this, over and over, kissing frogs and dreaming of hunky machines. (My thanks to Meg Fowler, a Twitter sister, for turning me on to the Wurzels, a whole other kind of hunky, below…right above me.)


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    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Country Gardener. Sounds like you have a very understanding husband. Hope to see you soon here again, and thank you for the link (seems like he is a man of many talents; love the idea of the stone bubbler).

  1. bluearrow says:

    How the h*** did I go from reading up on ‘The History of St. Patrick’s Day (on the HistoryChannel.com) and wind up on awaytogarden learning about tractor envy and listening to The Wurzels?!

    Now. Go ahead. Ask me which was much more entertaining?

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Anna, and welcome. I think I hear a theme among theme songs evolving here. I do hope we see you again soon, whether the band is playing or not at any given moment. :)

  2. robert anderson says:

    Margaret don’t forget Ronee Blaklee’s great Cowboy Song from “Nashville”, “He’s got a tapedeck in his tractor and he’s plowin’ up his daddy’s field…”

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Robert. Now that’s a good one I haven’t thought of in forever. (And I love ‘Nashville,’ and in fact Robert Altman films in general.) Thank you.

  3. Joanna says:

    Hello from Somerest UK!
    Just to let you know The Wurzels are still going strong and regularly appear at local pubs, festivals and farmers markets around Somerset which is where some of the memebers of The Wurzels live.
    Thier other classic songs are “I am a cider drinker” and more recently “Make hay not war”….! are great to sing along too after a few ciders!

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Joanna. Glad for news of the Wurzels. I have been to Somerset on various occasions, garden visiting, no cider-drinking involved (didn’t know what I was missing, I guess). :) See you again soon, I hope.

  4. Joanna says:

    Hello Margaret
    Thank you for your kind welcome. Yes, we are blessed with many beautiful gardens & parkland to visit. We have visited the USA many times often visiting gardens and farm trails and we have been inspired along the way (esp. when I have been reading Martha Stewart Living on the trip). I enjoy reading your blog and your organic approach to your gardening. Spring has truly sprung here and we are enjoying the early blooms and blossom… sunny regards Joanna

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