them chickens lay strange eggs ’round here

AND I THOUGHT I’D SEEN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Do you want your tomatoes fried, scrambled, or soft-boiled?

  1. Margaret,
    A belated thanks for your wonderful talk at the Hollister House study weekend a couple weeks ago. Your slides were delightful. It gave me a lot to think about as my garden and its gardener mature together. One of the days I will visit your garden when it is open with the Garden Conservancy. In the meantime I will continue to follow it here.

  2. Rulalenzka says:

    Thanks for a great workshop Saturday, Margaret. As usual, it was informative, inspirational and fun. Do you have a bit more info about that robotic stump grinder you talked about? Do you remember the company you hired that used it or the name of the machine itself? Thanks, Ami.

    1. Margaret says:

      You are welcome, Rulalenzka. What town are you in (I am drawing a blank)? Better to email me at awaytogarden [at] gmail and I will dig out the info on the guy here somewhere. :)

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