the top garden stories of 2015

2015 top postsWHAT WERE GARDEN READERS interested in in 2015? As is often the case, it’s usually about solutions–like when to sow seed or pull your garlic, tips for growing a great tomato, or how to prevent spindly seedlings, or whether to worry if conifer needles turn brown. Have a look at 2015’s top-40 stories over all (including not just ones published in 2015 but also those from the archive, often found by searchers), and also a list of the top-10 new-in-2015 topics:

new-in-2015 top 10

  1. do home weed and pest remedies work? with Jeff Gillman
  2. poison ivy with Dr. Susan Pell
  3. shop for plants with an expert’s eye, with Dr. Holly Scoggins
  4. how to grow figs, with Lee Reich
  5. 18 confidence-building tips for starting seeds
  6. what’s wrong with my tomatoes? with Dr. Meg McGrath
  7. a hydrangea primer, with Chanticleer’s Eric Hsu
  8. how to plan bulbs creatively, with Chanticleer’s Jonathan Wright
  9. the acorn connection, with Dr. Rick Ostfeld of Cary Institute
  10. the tick-borne disease equation, with Dr. Rick Ostfeld of Cary Institute

top 10 in 2015, including archive posts

  1. the tricky matter of when to harvest garlic
  2. how to freeze parsley, chives and other herbs
  3. what to plant now for a fall vegetable garden
  4. when to start seed (with a calculator)
  5. 10 thoughts on successful underplanting
  6. growing and storing a year of parsley
  7. growing potatoes organically: when and how to plant, hill and harvest
  8. 6 lessons about hosta, with Tony Avent
  9. when inner conifer needles turn yellow or brown
  10. farm-fresh peaches, frozen to perfection
  11. what’s in pickling spice? some recipes
  12. why vegetable seedlings stretch and get spindly
  13. what weed is it? putting names to pesky plants
  14. new! slideshow of my 54 top shade plants
  15. growing and storing a year of garlic
  16. there’s more than one way to ripen a tomato
  17. skins-on easy tomato sauce to freeze
  18. garden prep: how to make a bed, with cardboard
  19. do home remedies for weeds or pests really work? (with Jeff Gillman)
  20. tips for growing better tomatoes from seed
  21. poison ivy with Dr. Susan Pell
  22. grow healthy tomatoes: staking, pruning and hygiene (with Tom Stearns)
  23. overwintering rosemary, indoors and out
  24. how to shop for plants with an expert’s eye, with Holly Scoggins
  25. 10 tips for growing blueberries in the backyard
  26. fear not! how to prune clematis, with Dan Long
  27. how to grow figs, with Lee Reich
  28. just saying no to deer, with fencing
  29. hot plant: Stewartia, an ideal small tree
  30. organic lawncare with Paul Tukey
  31. how to start seeds: 18 confidence-building tips
  32. the toughest groundcovers I rely upon
  33. garlic harvesting and curing
  34. soil-saving tricks for planting big pots
  35. what’s wrong with my tomatoes? with Dr. Meg McGrath
  36. herbed, roasted tomatoes to freeze, with Alana Chernila
  37. my top conifers for year-round beauty
  38. a Hydrangea primer, with Chanticleer’s Eric Hsu
  39. when-to-start-what vegetable seed calculators
  40. great shrub: bottlebrush buckeye

the top 2015 podcasts

THE TOP podcasts of 2015, from my weekly public-radio program, are recounted in this story (click!).

  1. Annalisse says:

    It would be really fun if you included an “archive dive” in your email newsletters featuring an article from a previous year (or years) at the same time of the season. As a relative newcomer to your work, I had never heard of most of these past articles. Clearly I have a lot to catch up on. ; )

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