the promise of roasted brussels sprouts

brussels sproutsTHE PROMISE OF ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS is what keeps me from turning under much of the vegetable garden, after record rains brought havoc to some crops. I’ve harvested five cherry tomatoes and as many beans so far, sigh, in a season that began with an abundance of asparagus but then fizzled. At least my salad bowl‘s been full nonstop. I like the way the tiny buds of sprouts-to-be are developing in the leaf axils of this Brussels sprouts plant, and the dreamy nature of the photo; it all seems to fit the kind of dreamy mindset I need to stay in to believe that there will be a plentiful harvest of something, after all that effort, and all that hope. You? Any crops coming into focus?

  1. marci says:

    anything green is growing like a weed. beans, cucumbers, collards, kale, lettuce, cauliflower (okay it’s white) and broccoli. I still can’t figure out what to do with brussels sprouts. They grow but never get buds. I’ve got enormous plants though. Asparagus is another thing that baffles me. I get matchstick size sprouts and then next week I look and they’ve turned into dill-like leaves. Plenty of tomatoes on the vine but all green. Harvested enough raspberries to pop in my mouth but not enough to put on my greek yoghurt in the morning!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Marci. Your asparagus only prodces spears for 8 weeks (10 in an exceptional season), then must go to fern to invigorate itself for next year, so no worry. Right on track. Good for you on all the fronts; it sounds like a great year. Don’t overfeed the Brussels sprouts or they won’t set buds (just leaves, leaves, leaves). Is that maybe at work?

  2. elizabeth says:

    in iowa, and while others around me are picking tomatoes, mine are not even thinking of turning red (or yellow,or purple) yet. but, the eggplants have started their siege, along with some hot peppers, and plenty of kale. the ground squirrels (translation: chipmunks) ate every bean seed i planted, so nothing there. glad i was an underachiever this year–i am barely keeping up with the plentiful pokeweed that pops up everywhere, which seems to be the most vigorous plant i inherited from my new home’s previous owner.
    sympathies to those with a wet year, as last year i grew muck, despite my best efforts.

  3. Todd says:

    elizabeth- I feel your pain our tomatoes are not red either.

    Our zucchini is finally producing almost one a day sometimes two from 2 plants… no record numbers but at least we are getting some! In a week or so we`ll have a BUNCH of ripe tomatoes, peppers, and a little corn. Late season.

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