THIS WEEK I BUILT A GREENHOUSE. Well, to be more correct, Susan (who has worked with me in the garden for many years, for which I am endlessly grateful), built a greenhouse. Want to see her work of art?

instant greenhouse
instant greenhouse
Aren’t we clever girls, Susan and I? It was a little cold this last week and I wanted to start some Brussels sprouts, so we improvised. Susan built this little greenhouse to tuck them into, keeping them moist and warm, while they germinated. I set it on a bright windowsill, opening the seal a bit when it steamed up, and things are looking good after only a few days. Now they’re spending their days outside in strong light, and coming in for the evenings till they grow a little stronger. The price was right, by the way, and no building permits were required.
baby Brussels sprouts

  1. Carol, May Dreams Gardens says:

    It’s a great greenhouse. I met an African Violet grower who used that kind of greenhouse AND just put the soil in the bag and added seeds/cuttings to it. No plastic tray. Seemed to work for him and he was selling rooted cuttings, “greenhouse” and all.

  2. margaret says:

    I knew you all would understand…thanks.
    @Carol: I love the idea of simplifying my design even more–maybe I will build another as you suggest. I think I can squeeze it out of the capital-expenditures budget this season.

  3. Janice says:

    I used peat pots this year and they rotted/molded. I had to wait until the plants matured enough to break the pots apart and repot in plastic…just a tip.

  4. writermom says:

    I had quite a successful greenhouse last year. I added some gravel and several inches of good soil to an old aquarium, and used the light on top to make a sort of terrarium. Very efficient, and my herbs were ready to go when spring arrived. I didn’t even have to worry about finding space beneath my only sunny window!

  5. margaret says:

    @Writermom: This is a great idea. I have two discarded aquariums I have been wondering what to do with…hmmm….guess I know now.

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