$20 garden essential (no, not another plant!)

the backyard parables by margaret roachIT’S GOT A WHOLE THRIVING GARDEN INSIDE, but you never have to water it. Yes, it includes weeds — but (magic!) they’ll never spread outside its covers. It’s my latest book, “The Backyard Parables,” and for the price of a jumbo perennial, it could be yours today. That’s right: I’m suggesting you skip your next plant or two and buy the book instead — the perfect companion to my garden website, and to your garden. Here’s why I ask right now:

It’s six months since “The Backyard Parables” was published. (Happy half-birthday, little book.)

In that same six months, half a million different people (yes!) have visited A Way to Garden dot com. But I haven’t sold each one a book — yet!

Marketing gurus would say that’s partly because I don’t ask you often enough, clearly enough, loudly enough. I don’t like to be a pest (let’s leave that role to the woodchucks and Japanese beetles and cabbage worms). But I’m so proud of the book, and want you to have a copy.

If you like what you see on A Way to Garden, I know you’ll enjoy “The Backyard Parables” — the book “Eat, Pray, Love” author Liz Gilbert called “a blessing” when she read it, and wrote her glowing cover recommendation.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support. Need more information?

  1. Ann says:

    Love the cover. I recently watched a webinar about marketing and the speaker suggested that every 19th blog should be self promoting. (that’s if you blog every day).
    Good luck with sales.


  2. Debra says:

    I thought your autographed, personally wrapped copy was genius—bought one from you for mom’s day. Then I bought the kindle version for myself.

    1. margaret says:

      So kind of you to say so, Corinne and Debra. I feel inspired today by all the support (while sitting here signing books like mad and packing them up!).

  3. Helen Mansur says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I absolutely love your blog and am so glad I stumbled upon it. Just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it.
    Thank you!

  4. Sharon says:

    OK, Ok, I’ve been reading your blog for years (and yes, I have both your prior books), but never bought one directly from you. So, order has been placed! Keep up the wonderful, thoughtful work.

  5. Irena says:

    Bought it some months ago and am very thankful for your unique autograph you signed earlier this year while I visited your garden on a rainy day in May. I wish I could also get your very first one which is nowhere to be found. Thank you for your wonderful work.

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Anne. A million would be a nice, round number. :)

      Thanks for the encouragement, Tim. Very sweet.

  6. Tim Crowder says:

    I enjoy your website and blog and check in often, but I really love your books. They make great gifts too. Not to put pressure on, but I’m waiting for the next one.

  7. Adrianne says:

    Hi, Margaret, I’ve been listening to your podcast and enjoying it so much, so of course I just bought your book to read on Kindle. Best of luck with it. Thanks for all the things I’ve learned from listening and am about to learn from reading. Adrianne

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Adrianne. How kind of you to write and say so!

      Maura, I hope that you will enjoy it. Thanks for the support.

  8. emily says:

    I just ordered a copy of your book. I have so many gardening books (more than 100) that I decided a few years ago that I had to just stop buying them. But I enjoy your web site and your style of gardening so very much that I had to make an exception.

  9. I discovered The Backyard Parables at the library. Knew I had to buy it from the outset (there were just too many passages I needed to underline). Beautiful messages beautifully written. And so much “how to” artfully woven in. Someday I’ll make the trek from Virginia to your garden — I’ve got the Kindle edition, so perhaps I’ll have you sign my trowel!

  10. carol says:

    asked my son for backyard parables,he said “done mom” so along came Margaret Roach’s garden parable. daughter-in-law anita ordered your book and I LOVE it!

    1. margaret says:

      Nice of you to say hello, Laura. The first one (A WAY TO GARDEN) can usually be found on Alibris or Amazon used…but the price fluctuates, so keep looking!

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