the 2009 garden in pictures: a slideshow

Author Margaret Roach
JACK AND I WISH YOU EVERY GOOD THING in 2010 (however you wish to pronounce it, twenty-ten or two-thousand ten, or even two-oh-one-oh). As our parting shot, a look at some of the zillions of photos we enjoyed taking in 2009. Happy New Year! (Photo of us thanks to Erica Berger, and no, I am not torturing Jack. Promise.)

Click on the first thumbnail to start the show, then toggle from slide to slide using the arrows next to each caption. Enjoy!

  1. Bobster says:

    Wishing both you and Jack (the demon cat) a wonderful 2010. It wasn’t a horrible year, but wishing you an even better year ahead. Thank you for sharing so, so much! Happy, Happy Holidays MR! Much love!

    1. Margaret says:

      @Bobster: No, it wasn’t horrible at all, and we have had good fun here to be sure. Thanks for all your encouragement, and great comments. :)

  2. Gloria says:

    Thank you for your limitless love of the gardens and for reminding us of the awesome possibilities that await for all gardens both large and small. I look out at the snow covered ground and I pick up a tool and head out to plant 4 mini trees into a window box saving them from the warmth of the mantle, envisioning that one day they could reach 7 feet tall…To plant a garden is to believe in the future… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO A BELIEVER!

  3. benjia morgenstern says:

    Wishing you and Jack a Happy New Year ( from Miami). I am ever so thankful to have your “blog” and to be able to visit your garden not far from my Lakeville summer home.

  4. Dennis R says:

    i actually stuck to my plan & got some crocus, hyacinth, daffodil, striped squill & glory of the snow planted this fall. i look out @ today’s snow & smile picturing what i’ll be seeing in a few months. this, along w/ the assorted perennials & shrubs planted last spring are all because of your inspiration & my past visits to your garden. thanks, margaret. i wish you happiness in 2010 & hope to visit again on your garden conservancy tour this spring.

  5. Fran Hepperle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the beauty that you have created on your country landscape throughout the year. I look forward to your newsletter and blogs. You make it all seem so simple, but we who have gardened—perhaps less successfully (I’m speaking for myself, of course)—know the hours of work behind the lovely scenes. Thank you for sharing your wit and humor and all of your creature friends—Happy New Year!

  6. lisa mertins says:

    margaret, your photos are such an inspiration — and a distraction as i had to go hunting for angelica gigas for my own garden (too bad you don’t own a nursery too! hahaha).

    best wishes for a wonderful twenty ten!

  7. Linda Vater says:

    Ah! What a wonderful way to start the new year……..for this confined city gardener to revisit your stunning, expansive country garden. Thank you from this Oklahoma City garden voyeur…….

  8. Happy New Year to you and Jack. We are frozen in here and our oldest Korean Maple split through the heart in the big snow in early December. Many trees and shrubs still glued to the ground. I am trying to think about all the new things I can plant if more things succumb from that storm. Meanwhile, I am anticipating the year to come via your photos!

  9. Margaret says:

    Welcome, Fran. You don’t believe this is a Ruth Stout No-Work Garden, huh? :) Thanks for joining the conversation; don’t be a stranger.

    @ all of you: So nice to see you this first morning of the New Year and decade. Lots to come in 2010…

  10. Judy in Kansas says:

    Add my thanks to the rest. You blog had made this year easier in the midst of so many global problems. Have a glorious 2010 and please let us keep sharing it with you.

  11. LiriopePisces says:

    Margaret, the pictures are lovely. My question is, are you seeing your crocus, snowdrops, and glory of the snow coming up now? I’m in southeastern Missouri (5B as well, so the charts claim) and they are showing now, though no flowers have budded yet. Will they still be able to put on a spring show when they started coming up in December? Thanks for your help.

  12. Bee Balm Gal says:

    A bit north and west of you, here in Saratoga County, my variegated red twig dogwoods are already glowing against the snow. The bird feeders are busy with colorful cardinals and blue jays. Juncos and finches, chickadees and winter wrens bob and weave around the shrubs and spruce trees. Mourning doves caucus on low-hanging branches. It is New Year’s Day and I have time to look at it all. What peace.

  13. Margaret says:

    I love that we have Kansas and Oklahoma and Missouri in this last string of comments…fun to know where you all are from.

    Welcome, first off, to Linda Vater (OK); I have not been to your state in many years, but once lectured in Shawnee, I recall, and also have a gigantic collection of green-glazed Frankoma pottery (make in Oklahoma). So I have a little bit of your clay soil here in the house with me, sort of. :)

    Welcome also to Tom. Sorry the morning is gloomy; the sun keeps trying to overtake the gray here today, and melting snow is dripping off the roof, so not so vibrant here, either. Hope to see more of you both in this new year.

    @LiriopePisces: Yes, funny that various bulbs here have shown green since late fall — though in my case mostly larger ones, not the specific ones you describe. I keep looking with a concerned eye, and then remember that they typically know how to take care of themselves.

    Those little guys you mention usually come in March sometime for me, extending into April, and I wonder if what will happen is that you will have an earlier-than-normal show this year if there is a thaw in March? They are usually very tough unless they get all the way up and open and then get hammered too many times. Crossing fingers for both of us.

  14. vicky sigwald says:

    Happy New Year Margaret. Wishing you all the best from the summer here in Argentina. I have enjoyed enormously sharing your comments and photos. I even went to the riverside and got lots of frogs for my garden!! after reading the adventures of yours. Thank you for all the advise (that I religiously follow 6 months after!!) Best wishes for the coming year.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Vicki, from the other half of the world (6 months away!). :) Thanks for your kindness, and for commenting today; glad to “meet” you. Happy New Year.

  15. Sharon says:

    Thank’s for the great blog Margaret! I love to spend time there when I’m not in my own garden. Wishing you an abundant garden, literally and figuratively, in 2010!

  16. Joan from Minnesota says:

    Thanks Margaret, what inspiration! In the dead of winter (- 15 degrees tonight in MN – brrr) there’s nothing like looking back and dreaming about next year. Now where are those seed catalogues? @joangolson

  17. Suzanne says:

    Thank you, Maragret, for creating your wonderful site and sharing your gentle connections with the natural world.
    I discovered A Way to Garden this past fall while searching for an east coast garden site (we moved from Dallas to Maryland last month) and my “visits” to your garden have been a wonderful introduction to a different type of landscape. Your photographs are so special that I revisit them often! Happy gardening to you and Jack!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Suzanne (Jack is always delighted to be singled out in a comment, so now he is your fan). I am happy you enjoy the blog, and the photos, and I will be studying up in 2010 on how to *really* take pictures (some technical lessons lie ahead, uh-oh). I am giving myself a new camera for Valentine’s Day, and also trying to learn DIY video. So watch out! :) See you soon again, I hope.

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