the 2008 food fest archive

pesto-cubesT HE 10-WEEK-LONG 2008 FOOD FEST COVERED TOPICS from herbs to pears, with lots in between.  The archive, for your browsing pleasure:

Week 1: Basil, or Pesto Fest.

Week 2: Cucumbers (my Refrigerator Pickles).

Week 3: Beans: A Hill of Better Beans.

Week 4: Tomatoes (waiting for a ripe one, with some garden tips).

Week 5: Corn.

Week 6: Mixed summer crops, to stash or savor.

Week 7: Gooey green-tomato mincemeat.

Week 8: Winter squash.

Week 9: Applesauce and tomato sauce, my easy ways.

Week 10: Pears.

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