‘plants are not just able to live; they are able to sense.’–stefano mancuso

MY GARDEN MENTOR’S NAME is Marco Stufano, and so when, in a Google search for something botanical, I happened on a result that said “Stefano Mancuso,” I just had to click. Had they jumbled my Marco’s name? No; it yielded a 2010 TED Talk by an Italian plant scientist, and though not the answer to what I had been seeking, it perfectly summed up how I (and Marco) feel about plants. You must watch (be sure to first click “30 languages” on the bottom of the frame, and choose English subtitles, so you don’t miss a word).

  1. Very interesting video! Thank you for posting this. About a year ago, I noticed that houseplants of mine were “communicating” with each other and wrote this. There is so much we still don’t know about plant life. The new research is fascinating.

  2. Sue Johnson says:

    Another great place to better understand the amazing life of plants!
    What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses
    by Daniel Chamovitz

  3. Margit Van Schaick says:

    So interesting. And, so charming. As an immigrant, I once again was reminded how lucky I am to have come to America when I was eight years old, so I have almost no accent. Professor Mancuso has his own special way of pronouncing the English language. Brought back wistful memories of my parents.

  4. Joan Bernstein says:

    Wow! Thanks for passing on this thought-provoking video. I was just about to go out to do some gardening and thought I should view it first.

    I’ll definitely do some more reading on this subject. It’s really fascinating. Thanks to Leslie also for the book title above.

  5. Stephanie Kington says:

    Just got done watching…love it!! I always thought of the trees and plants in my yard as living but this takes it to a whole new level. Thank you for sharing.

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