spiraea ‘ogon,’ extra-early and late-fall star

spiraea thunbergii ogonI HAVE TO HAND IT to extra-early and extra-late garden performers for knowing to do their thing when it’s really needed—just when the gardener may be giving up hope. Today’s star: Spiraea thunbergii ‘Ogon,’ just beginning to turn brilliant butterscotch seven months after flowering, then sporting chartreuse foliage since; the butterscotch phase will last till around Christmas, when the leaves will drop). Like winterberry hollies (in the background in the photo of ‘Ogon,’ above), and ornamental grasses, I’m grateful for the visual warmth they provide right now. Any extra-late stars still shouting at your place?

  1. Liz G says:

    This year, I was so lucky to add Spirea Ogon near to Amsonia hubrechtii and Fothergilla gardenii…A great combination, particularly now… Very rewarding!
    Especially since the new plants were replacements for damage from last October’s freak storm.

  2. Kali says:

    I was just marveling today at the coral knockout roses, still in bloom after several hard frosts. And to think the old plant snob in me almost didn’t buy them! They are easy and spectacular all season long. Now if my two year old Spirea Ogon would only show me some love. I will be patient!

  3. Stephanie says:

    In my sophmore year of gardening………I am really enjoying cornus sericea ‘Arctic Fire’. The leaves are multicolored and I can see the gorgeous red stems from the couch in the livingroom. Perfect.

  4. Deborah B says:

    We’ve had many nights down in the 20’s and a couple snows. My usual big show from late asters, amsonia hubrechtii and the Little Zebra grass with a big fall-blooming witch hazel was all cut short. And yet there’s still a couple big gentians in my boggy area that look fabulous, full of deep purple blooms.

  5. deborah k says:

    rugosas and their brilliant yellow polkadotted with red everywhere! the aloha roses are still putting out a few leathery winterblooms – they live up to their name. *:)

  6. Ellie says:

    We have a SunJoy pillar barberry that has been holding on to its crimson foliage for about a month now. Everything else has been bare for weeks!

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