someone started the fall cleanup

fall frog 2I SLEPT WITH EXTRA BLANKETS LAST NIGHT, and have worn a hoodie and thick socks all day. Feels like you-know-what. Apparently the “fall is in the air” message got relayed back to the frogpond, too, where this guy started leaf cleanup already–charming, eager helper that he is. If only I had a rake his size. Brrrr-ribbit!

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  1. Ailsa says:

    Yes, I had the fleece on for dog walk this a.m.! Very disheartening,eh?
    I keep thinking, is it too early to divide hostas? It seems summer just started with the heat we got in the second half of August. But the leaves on my weeping purple-leafed birch are already turning. And they’re reporting flurries somewhere out west. Yikes.
    Mr. Frog looks very earnest.

  2. Squill says:

    What a delightful little helper you have!

    Mmm, personally, I cannot wait for autumn to arrive. I love watching the trees change colours, and having freshly baked pumpkin every day.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Squill. I love the fall, too, especially here in the Northeast. My favorite, really. Thanks for your visit, and don’t be a stranger.

  3. Fred from Loudonville, NY says:

    I knew that FALL was on it’s way, when I heard the crickets chirping, while on a boat cruise, down the Hudson on August 19. I was purposely listening for their song, and on the 19th I heard it. I mentioned the cricket doise to a friend, and ONLY when I mentioned it, did she then hear it. It must have been a background noise to her, that was just there. There is also something COZY about the later sunrises, and the early sunsets. I think we must have a bit of BEAR in us. HIBERNATION is the WORD, when it comes to how comfortable bed is in the morning, and with the later sunrise, you REALLY don’t want to get up YET! Soon, my neighbor, on the FIRST chilly night, will start a fire, and the air will then smell of FALL. Labor Day weekend, I will go to Cooperstown, NY. There is a sugar maple, on the main street, that is ALWAYS in full color at that time, It must be the Head of the Pack!

  4. Susan says:

    Yes, it had arrived. I put on wool socks and an extra blanket last night. My dogs were very frisky on our walk. My garden is changing color. It is my favorite time of the year.

  5. dennis r says:

    since it’s not cold enough down here in lagrangeville to turn the oil burner on at night, the missus & i sometimes resort to “feline-o-therm” method. we just invite our cats jo-jo & lucy to sleep curled up at out feet. their contented purring is the best ‘white noise’ i can think of. i’ll bet your jack is packing some high “KTU’S” (Kitty Thermal Units).

  6. deb says:

    This week I planted Mums throughout a client’s garden to add fall colour. Everyone’s front door urn will be sporting them as a required back to school ritual over the next few weeks . That was the reality of it, as the temperatures haven’t really been summer hot.

  7. Charlotte Cantrell says:

    Down here in Florida, we really don’t “feel the chill” until late October, but we do get Fall butterflies, (the little yellow ones) about six weeks before the “cooler” air comes in. I too LOVE Fall, & (winter also). So it is always nice to see these little harbingers of Fall.
    P.S. Love your little “frogboy”.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Agneta. So glad to have you visit all the way from Sweden, where I have just “visited” to your blog with all its photos, and I hope to see you again soon.

      Welcome, Rachel. They are amazing looking, aren’t they? What expression-filled faces; and to my eye, each one has its own look and personality. Thanks for visiting, and see you soon, I hope.

  8. Rosella says:

    Here in the mid-Atlantic, it’s still summer — at least in temperature and humidity, but I can tell from the light that summer is waning, and that fall will be upon us soon. The patch of physostegia is sending up its bloom spikes and the Japanese anemones, trycirtis, and sedum are blooming. But — the tomatoes are 7 feet tall and loaded with fruit, the Swiss chard is fat and crisp, the new beans are producing well, and tomorrow I plant spinach and lettuce. Lots to do!

  9. Barbara H. says:

    Oh, Margaret, what a joke on me. I’d been avoiding reading this post, thinking “That Margaret is just too ambitious!” And, it’s still hot and humid in Alabama, though the days are shorter and shorter. I wonder if he has helpers?

  10. Jerry says:

    The way I know fall is coming is that after a hot sunny day here near Boston the night-time dew gets heavier. In high summer we have urban exhalations all night long and never have the dew falls that happen inland, but now with shorter days and cooler nights, the garden’s soaked at 6 a.m. I guess in a couple of months it will be crystals, not drops…

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jerry. Beautifully put, thank you. Yes, I have seen the same even here: the morning are much damper, and the dew takes much of the day to dry. (That’s my excuse for not being out there mowing already today.) See you soon again, I hope.

  11. Lynn says:

    I woke up shivering in the middle of the night last night, and that was with 2 blankets. Tonight I could see my breath outside at twilight. These people who can’t wait for the coolth didn’t have too coolth and wetth a summer! But yeah, when I lived in Vegas (or Austin), we all couldn’t wait for that first chilly evening. Not ready, noooo.

  12. Mimi says:

    Aye…I see a sweet romance “blooming”. How I love this time of year, feeling energized. The apples, pears and apricots will soon be ready to make their way into wonderful, homemade recipes – a first attempt, hoping they are gift quality. Mowing and gardening still going on here in FL, back to Utah in several days to enjoy season and snow. Hi everyone – so happy to become acquainted with all of you.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Mimi. Florida and Utah: an interesting combination of habitats, so diverse. I love this time of year, and sounds like you agree. See you soon again here, I hope.

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