snow-day slideshow: wild cat, elusive buddha

IT’S A DAY OF MUFFLED SOUNDS AND LOTS OF SHOVELING. A day tucked in feeling thankful the wind hasn’t taken out the power (even though it keeps devilishly re-covering walkways as fast as I clean them, invoking its formidable power of drift). It’s a day indoors with Jack the Demon Cat, and it began at 4:30 AM.

Someone, you see–someone who wasn’t a sleepover-type house cat in the nine years since he adopted me, not until this winter–has learned to open the door to the upstairs. Where I sleep. Or try to. And he wanted to go out.

But no, on second thought, maybe not. It’s snowing; can you clear me a path maybe first?

I bundle up; I get my shovel. The path is cleared in the dark, amid swirling wind and snow.

He inspects my work.

No, I think I’ll just wait a little while longer. I can hold it.


But I think I’ll scream pretty much nonstop while I wait.


And then, finally, at first light, out he goes–barreling head-first into a snowbank, completely foregoing the paths I’d shoveled, and digs himself a little snow-cave of a restroom.


That’s him at the window now, wanting back in.

And then before I can get my tea, the backyard Buddha starts playing hide-and-go-seek–like the wind and like Jack, he’s a trickster today–and…well, you can just see for yourselves. Where’s Buddha?

Click the first thumbnail to start the slides, then toggle from image to image using the arrows beside the captions, or the arrows on your keyboard. Enjoy.

  1. Terryk says:

    We had outdoor cats before and they seem to love getting out there in the worst weather. Even when we moved here and had to make them indoor cats because the road is too busy they still wanted out every so often. Jack is so handsome, you just have to forgive him for his early morning antics.

  2. NancyH says:

    You did such a nice job of writing that “conversation.” It has great reality. I hope Jack appreciates you as he should–you are a great mom/friend to him and a great storyteller–everyone so interesting should have such a chronicler.

  3. Nan says:

    There’s something so nice about burrowing in isn’t there? A chance to slow down and unwind… after all the shoveling that is :)

    Thanks for the great images and story! I think we have the same color of yellow green in our gardens!

  4. Matt says:

    I guess it’s a skill, but how do you remember where your paths are under all that snow. Whenever I have to shovel, I’m paranoid about digging into the garden bed, and I end up doing it every time.

  5. Tyler says:

    I love the image of the chairs. If you look at it long enough, those looks like snow creatures sitting in the chairs, “sunning” themselves.

    Oh, and your cat is a scoundrel – he and my Smokey would get along nicely.

  6. Julie says:

    Nothing like a former tomcat to keep you busy. The picture of Jack with snow on his forehead–with that demonic/defiant look in his eyes–is adorable. I enjoyed listening to your radio show while I shoveled my drive- and walkway yesterday.

  7. sandra says:

    I loved your snowy pictures – and we think we have snow in England!! The buddha one made me smile.

    I like your obelisks – do they have lights on them?

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, James. The chairs were shot through the upstairs screened window. Funny that it even came out. And oh, that Jack…how in the world did I turn into someone who takes pictures of her cat? :) See you soon, I hope.

  8. Terryk says:

    Anyone else having problems with the slide show when viewing from a smart phone or iPad? I keep exiting because the “next” button seems so close to the “x” button. Any chance it can be tweaked Margaret?

  9. Valerie Gillman says:

    Do you know about Jack’s past? Where did he spend his winters before he adopted you? Such a beautiful boy! It’s OK to take pics of your cat. A few.

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