A FEW OF MY MANY SLIDESHOWS ARE PREVIEWED HERE, but for the entire, up-to-date selection, please go to this newer page instead. Enjoy!

THE 2009 GARDEN IN PHOTOS: A look back at a colorful year, in a show created to mark the start of 2010. Come see.

may-30-back-terrace2009 SPRING GARDEN TOUR: Before and after; 375 visitors and a million questions, and how it all looked. Come along for a walk.

frog-on-buddha-1MY CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: I feel as if I live in one of those vintage halls of wonders, yup. Meet the madness, from frogs that climb Buddhas to a cat with a weasel-tail collection and an inclination to stick out his tongue at me. Enjoy the show.

frogfight2FROGFIGHT! YES, THE FROGBOYS are pretty violent during mating season, with daily rounds of fisticuffs meant to claim world domination and attract the babes. Your front-row seat.

frilly-hellebore-seedlingHERE COME THE HELLEBORES: These durable, deer-proof, extra-early shade perennials are just about the best thing that happens to me in early spring, and my collection ranges from near-white to near-black with many colors in between. Have a look.

MOST BULBS TAKE UP LITTLE ROOM and give a lot in return. This slideshow includes some of my favorites, many of them animal-proof. Come along and see what they are.

stylophorum-diphyllum-clumpTHE STARS OF EARLY MAY are among the garden year’s most colorful. Meet the bawdy crew.

BEFORE IT’S TECHNICALLY GONE, a look at winter in the garden, in words and pictures. Shall we take a walk together through scenes of the months just past?

A FEW OF THE BELOVED FROGBOYS, in all their green glory.

godlightOUR FIRST SPRING ONLINE, and living here in the garden, remembered in a series of images.

corydalis-solidaTHEY ARE THE EARLY RISERS, perennials who jump up, look pretty and then disappear again, starting the garden season extra-early but making room for others to follow in their spots. Meet my eight favorite ephemerals.

gold-heart-dicentra-emergesTHE COLORS OF SPRING can get near-psychedelic as many plants emerge from the ground packed with the pigments called anthocyanins. Meet the most colorful of the lot.

robin-copyright-andre-jordanDOODLER ANDRE JORDAN joined me here at A Way to Garden with his popular Thursday column in October 2008. A look at some of his favorite doodles from the first six months.

okaleaf-hydrangea-quercifoliaTHINK FALL when you set about plant-shopping, to insure a garden with staying power (and appeal to the birds). Meet my hottest fall woody plants.

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