slideshow: the beloved frogboys

frogboyheaderTHEY HAVE THEIR OWN BLOG NOW, but meantime they’re still under contract here at A Way to Garden, the site that made them famous. Before you head right over to frogboys.com, have a look at some of the familiar faces “before” they were somebodies:

    1. margaret says:

      Thanks, sister Paige. I guess we’d better write up a little post and give everybody the tour, now that it seems to have made its way across the great divide from “dev server” to live. Tada. Still lots of rough edges, but we will find and fix all. Put it on the list…

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Johanna. Sorry for any difficulties. The new slideshows are displayed with a new WordPress plugin, yes, but with current versions of popular browsers you should not have issues; we chose the most popular slideshow tool for that reason. What browser (and PC/Mac)?

  1. susan says:

    Well Paige I am not sure, but I will favor the Frogboys as I have this lust for them. Margaret, be proud the new Awaytogarden is fabulous.
    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Dorita says:

    What’s next for these Frogboys? An agent, a manager, first class airfare, limos, separate lily pads? Do frogs eat caviar?

  3. margaret says:

    Thanks to all of you for the good words. (Ribbit.) Dorita, the boys want it all and it’s a BIG HEADACHE. How’d you know that’s what I am up against? Geez.

  4. John at JWLW says:

    Great change much better and easier to navigate. Is the slide show a wordpress thing or a third party plugin ??
    In the process of upgrading my blog to bigger and better ways.

  5. Mars says:

    Gee, you go away for awhile and people get all fancy schmancy on you. Lol! It’s great and I’m digging the frogboys website, although am a little shaken by mouse tartar. Yes, I am very wussy when animals inhale other animals. Well towards any kind of attack actually, interspecies and otherwise. But rock on froggie (weak fist shake). :)

    1. margaret says:

      Mars, imagine the day I came upon the bullfrog eating the mouse (and took the photo). Ugh. But riveting, too, in a way. They eat chipmunks too. Apparently they would eat birds if they can catch one. Last week a skunk woke up when the snow melted, apparently ravenous, and ate a frog, one of the biggest from the pond. (They will eat fish, too.) So it all just unfolds here; I am a mere witness, and just try to avoid those species that would take a bite out of me, of which there are many (and to be gentle in return). :)

  6. whatzerkitty says:

    Wow, awesome photography!!! What did you use to take the pics?

    I had no idea bullfrogs were carnivorous. Makes me wish I had a habitat in my backyard (soon!)

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Whatzerkitty. Nikon D40-X is the camera I have been using this last year. And yes, carnivores, indeed, naughty boys that they are. Hope to see you soon again.

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