slideshow: more parting shots of fiery fall

lowbush blueberry fall foliageI STASHED SOME RED-HOT PHOTOS for just this kind of day, the day when the first snow fell—and along with it hail and sleet, our first “wintry mix.” I feel warmer just looking at images from last week and the week before of things like Fothergilla and Sassafras and lowbush blueberry (above), and think you will, too.

Click on the first thumbnail to start the slideshow, then toggle from slide to slide using the arrows beside the caption—or the arrow keys on your computer. Enjoy.

And in case you want a little extra-credit reading:

  1. Julie says:

    Can’t wait to look at this slideshow when I get back home. Wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Jamie Ridler (she’s a great interviewer), as well as today’s show on Robin Hood radio. You have taught me that we have so much more to look forward to in the cold weather season. That’s true woo-woo you know!

  2. Johanna says:

    Wow, we had 60 degrees today, after snow/sleet Thursday Friday Saturday. So don’t give up hope!

    I, too, enjoyed all your autumn advice on Robin Hood today, via podcast!

  3. Love your pictures! We stay in one of the cabins down the road, across from Ray and Janet, in May and September. I walk with the “walkers” and just love seeing your beautiful property. You do a wonderful service to gardeners – and all others who read your notes and visit your home during Garden Conservancy Days. I’m not even a gardener but garden vicariously through your pages. I’m looking forward very much to reading your new book. BTW, Brian Boom purchased my mother’s house in 1994. He’s doing a fine job of making that property beautiful, too!

    1. Margaret says:

      Thanks, Linley, for the tipoff. Sometimes I want to buy dozens of lowbush plants and just carpet big areas; such beautiful things they are, and the birds adore them (well, so do the chipmunks, truth be told). :)

  4. Adnan says:


    I live in Lahore where minimum temp would be 0C only.Summers would see a temperature as high as 46C.I tried blueberries, I tried accers , none survived our summers.It’s a real treat watching fall colors especially for people like me who live in temperate climate and would want to do anything to be able to grow acers and blueberries.


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