slideshow: august garden open day

West view of garden from upstairs window, August CAN ANYBODY RECOMMEND A LAWNCARE EXPERT? That was my first thought after 650 sets of feet marched on the garden Saturday, in my final Garden Conservancy Open Day of the 2013 visiting season. I say “marched on the garden,” because from an hour before official opening time, that’s what it looked like: a march. My second thought, though: What a great day! A recap, in photos.

Looking out back window at the frogpond and hillside, August

august open day slideshow

2 Ways to Watch: 1, Watch right in the player frame by clicking each thumbnail (or the arrows that appear if you hover your cursor on a photo’s sides). Or: 2, Simply click the large photo and the show plays slightly larger on your darkened screen (using keyboard arrows or the ones on the photos’ sides to advance). A tip: Occasional vertical images don’t render well in #1; all images will be biggest in #2. Links below the thumbnails offer more information about some key plants shown. Enjoy!

more about plants and creatures in the slideshow

  1. Linda B Horn says:

    It took me two-three yrs. to rid our pond of the previous owner’s planting of Japanese Petacites. and it was spreading!
    How do you keep the spaces in between the pavers clean of weeds? Great info on canning, thanks

  2. Linda says:

    Your gardens are spectacular! I will be making refrigerator pickles this week with my bumper crop of cucumbers. Thank you.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for the garden tour! It was beautiful. I too, wish I lived closer to you. I would have been the 651st gardener with camera to capture your wonderful garden, but you did it for us. Some day I would love to see it in person!
    I loved your book the backyard parables, oh and and I shall have some peace there too.

  4. Laura Palmer says:

    A big thank you to you and Jack for sharing your garden through Open Days. I was sorry to miss this one. I have to buy a Eucomis. Your photo reminds me how much I love that plant!

    1. margaret says:

      You are welcome, Laura. Not sure where I would be without the Garden Conservancy. Participation in Open Days has urged me to be a better gardener, and to see through others’ eyes. (Including yours!) Big hugs.

  5. Barbara Lang says:

    Thanks so much for the aerial photo of your garden in the Open Days slide show. What a great shot…to see the garden design from your window enhances the jewel in its setting.

  6. Doreen says:

    I was thrilled to finally tour the garden after years of reading about it. In fact, I recognized the basketweave planters that were on the cover of my well-worn March 2003 Martha Stewart Living Garden Issue!

    1. margaret says:

      Glad you came to visit, too, Doreen. And yes, I have managed NOT to break those pots! (Many others have come and gone, but either those are extra-strong or I am extra-careful with them, not sure.)

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