slideshow: a garden walk in winter

red Wave Hill chairBEFORE IT’S TECHNICALLY GONE, a look at winter in the garden, in words and pictures. Shall we take a walk together through scenes of the months just past?

Click the first thumbnail to get started, then toggle from slide to slide using the arrows beside each caption:

  1. Jeanne Devlin says:

    Hi! are you the same MArgaret Roach who lived up the street
    from us in Douglas Manor. We are Al & Jeanne,
    kids are Tim, Cathy, PAt & Pete.
    Your sister was the red head beauty. and your Mother was Alene. Am I correct. Hope so …Jeanne

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Jeanne. And yes, it’s me. Marion (“the readheaded beauty”) is over here at this link). How in the world did you find me after all these years? I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come see me again. Bring all your gardening friends…spring is on the way.

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