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peace and parablesIF EACH OF YOU who visits to harvest some of my online “horticultural how-to and woo-woo” bought a book, I’d be a bestselling author. (And I could blog fulltime, and stop answering my accountant’s many-years-running questions about “Now how are you going to monetize this crazy website of yours, Margaret?”) But being serious:

I loved writing my two most recent books, and love even more the chance to get signed copies into your hands. I’ll even gift-wrap them, if you wish, and add a custom inscription of your choosing. Buy them separately from my online bookshop, or get an extra-special deal on the pair. Shop now, or read on for links to buy them elsewhere:

‘the backyard parables’ (2013)

I’M SO PROUD of “The Backyard Parables” (2013; order it, unsigned, on Amazon), which has been called “a blessing” by “Eat, Pray, Love” author Liz Gilbert, and “a love story” by “The Vegetarian Epicure” author Anna Thomas, and was featured in places from “People” magazine to “Good Housekeeping” and “The New York Times.” It’s part memoir, part how-to, and centers on the garden, both philosophical and practical.

‘and i shall have some peace there’ (2011)

‘AND I SHALL Have Some Peace There” (2011; order it, unsigned, on Amazon) is a book about fresh starts, and about forging an intimate relationship with nature. It’s a memoir about my decision to leave my city fast-lane life and move to my rural garden fulltime. Many readers who are in a time of transition in their own lives have written to thank me for sharing the story.

unsigned books, e-books, audiobooks

BOTH BOOKS ARE available, unsigned, in traditional book form, or in Kindle formats from Amazon; “Parables” is also in audio format from Amazon. My books are sold at Barnes & Noble, too.

my first book, ‘a way to garden’

book-coverIN 1998, I WROTE the book that this website was then named for a decade later. “A Way to Garden” (the book) is a collector’s item now.

You can find it at used bookshops sometimes, or used on Amazon, or at Alibris [dot] com.

I regret that I don’t have copies for sale, but much of the approach to gardening that I first wrote about then is in the newer books and on this website–and hopefully with the benefit of the ensuing years of experience and insight behind it. I am now, as I was then, an organic gardener interested in the cycles of the season, in birds and the rest of nature, and deeply grateful for my connection to the garden.

(Disclosure: Purchases from affiliate links to Amazon yield a small commission.)

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