save the date! 2018 events in margaret’s garden and nearby

SAVE THE DATES! I’m putting the finishing touches on my 2018 workshop and tour calendar in Copake Falls, NY. Note: No tickets or reservations are required for May 5 and Aug. 18 garden Open Days, but for all the other events and also for “extras” like talks and workshops on those Open Days, reservations are required. The schedule:

  • Saturday March 24, 2018, 8th annual Seedy Saturday, half-day workshops, at Turtle Tree Seed, at Camphill Village, Copake, NY. Get full details and order a ticket now.
  • Saturday April 21, 2018, Growing Mushrooms: Half-day hands-on workshops with John Michelotti, in my garden in Copake Falls, NY. Get full details and order a ticket now.
  • Saturday May 5, 2018, Garden Conservancy Open Day. Plus plant sale by Broken Arrow Nursery, in my garden in Copake Falls, NY. Cooking with herbs classes by cookbook author Alexandra Stafford and chef Serge Madikians, plus annual flower-growing and arranging classes with organic flower farmer Jenny Elliott. Details on everything (and even box lunches to pre-order to make your day with us run smoothly!) at this link. Directions to Margaret’s garden only at the Garden Conservancy website.
  • Saturday June 9, 2018, Open-Day Plus, with Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery. Want the deluxe package, with lots of personal attention? Half-day guided garden touring punctuated with mini-workshops by me and Adam, in my garden in Copake Falls, NY, plus plant sale. Reserve a ticket now for morning or afternoon sessions.
  • Saturday July 28, Moth Night in Taconic State Park, Copake Falls. Tickets and details.
  • Saturday August 18, 2018, Garden Conservancy Open Day and Copake Falls Day. Plus plant sale by Broken Arrow Nursery. With guest speaker Lee Reich on fruit espaliers, and an afternoon hands-on drip irrigation workshop. Tickets and details.
  • Saturday September 15 (rain date Sunday the 16th): Find and Encourage the Wild in Your Garden, habitat-gardening workshops with Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program’s Claudia and Conrad Vispo (a fundraiser for Farmscape Ecology). Tickets and details.
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  1. Gloria Cunningham says:

    Dear Margaret:

    I have a question that I have not noticed in your weekly newsletter. Perhaps I have overlooked it. My question is about Jade plants & African Violets, the two houseplants with which I do not have success!
    I assume it is a watering problem, but is there a solution? It is so difficult to judge too frequent or less watering. These should be simple plants to care for, but not for me.
    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Gloria. Sorry to delay with this one. I think we will tackle it on the next podcast Q&A with Ken Druse and it will run on the blog this coming weekend.

  2. Kelly McDonald says:

    Dear Margaret,

    When will tickets be available for the May 5, 2018 Conservancy Day? I don’t want to miss out!


    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Kelly. No tickets needed for the garden visit. Will be posting ticket sales next week for the various classes and workshops and so on.

  3. Denise Hulette says:

    Hi Margaret, I attended your 365 garden webinar today and just wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed it. It was just wonderful. Thank you for sharing so much great garden information. I also look forward to your weekly garden podcasts, I always listen to them on my way to work in the car. From one of your loyal followers, Denise from zone 5 B Gardner Massachusetts.

  4. Jane Sherrott says:

    Your website is a delight and truly shows the life affirming process that gardening is. You receive many great comments and somewhere in this I wonder if there isn’t a place to develop community by having a complementary open discussion group? Gardening is such a lovely way for people to connect and support each other , and I wonder why we don’t see a forum so pepole can all chat about it. (The answer may lie in the fact those who could moderate or set this up would need an extra 100 hours in the day to do this. And we should all be outside instead.

    1. margaret says:

      Very sweet and very good suggestion, too. I had “forums” (like chat rooms) when I began the site 10 years ago, and sort of hid them when it just because too much…but maybe it is time again. Have to ponder that.

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