rise and shine, tender bulbs!

canna 2010OUR SPRING HERE HAS BEEN SO SLOW TO GET COOKING that I let the tender bulbs I’d stashed in the basement, like cannas and dahlias, all sleep a little longer this year. But now I’m sounding reveille, and saying “be up, be doing” like my Grandma used to say to me. I won’t put them in the ground till month’s end, but meanwhile, here’s how to get them off to a good start.

  1. Margaret, I thought I was the only one still behind with my Spring bulb planting. Most years I have so much more done by now. It might be the weather, the fact that I like to run around (plant sales, etc), or DARE i say…We are all getting older, so things get done slower. NO, let’s blame it on the weather.

  2. Looking at pictures from the past few seasons I see that spring here in Michigan is at least 3 weeks behind. Today is the annual flower and plant sale at my farmer’s market so I hope it starts warming up!

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