reunited! a special podcast with joe lamp’l of ‘growing a greener world’ and joegardener.com

AFTER ONE TOO MANY hours behind the mower (and 1,000 too many weeds pulled), a girl needs a break, right? Nothing reinvigorates better than catching up with an old friend, and last week I got to spend time with Joe Lamp’l, creator of the PBS series “Growing a Greener World” and now of the advice-filled website and podcast “Joe Gardener.”

I hope you visit Joe’s latest inspiration-filled home base, and listen in to our chat that ranged from key landscape-design principles for real gardeners to how much I weigh (did I really say that out loud on the show?).

Margaret Roach and Joe Lamp'l photo by Carl PenningtonIf you’ve never seen the TV episodes we filmed here—his first visit to my garden, and later a show about my obsession with gardening for the birds—those are recommended, too. (That’s us at one such meetup, above, with my trusty Kubota.)

And Joe has been a guest on my podcast multiple times:

I for one hope there are many more conversations to come—and that you find as much to inform and entertain you at Joe’s place as I have been since he launched not long ago. Enjoy.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed several pod casts and all the pictures of your garden. I unfortunately probably never get to attend one of your open days so I really appreciate seeing it from the Growing a Greener World’s point of view.

  2. doreen tignanelli says:

    In my opinion, Joe Lamp’l’s Growing a Greener World is the only real gardening show on tv these days. His newest season is the best yet, except, of course, for previous shows where he went to Margaret’s garden! The episode he filmed on the Green Bronx Machine brought Joe to tears and you could tell he was genuinely moved.

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