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Margaret's garden clogs and trowelTHE MONTHLY GARDEN CHORES are one of the most popular features on A Way to Garden (and they are all archived at this link). Though the how-to I offer in those columns will apply most anywhere–pruning a rose or sowing a tomato seed is similar, wherever the rose or tomato may grow–the when is not the same, of course.

To help you adjust the timing of my tips: My garden is in Zone 5B, in the Hudson Valley (NY)-Berkshires (MA) area, where frost can persist well into May and typically arrives again sometime in October. For more zone-specific help, I’ve collected links, below, to some detailed garden calendars from elsewhere around the country that I was able to track down.

Please note: There was not a good calendar for every state and microclimate within a state to be found. Within the list below, I expect you’ll find some directional choices for where you garden. If you know of another calendar I should include, let me know.

If you’re trying to figure out when to sow vegetable-garden, herb and annual flower seed, try my seed-sowing calculator, customizable to your frost-free dates.

monthly garden-chore calendars by region

far west



Cailfornia–University of California Extension:

California–“Los Angeles Times”







south and mid-atlantic





North Carolina–N.C. State University Extension:


South Carolina


West Virginia

southwest and intermountain regions


New Mexico


Texas–via Texas A&M University Extension:

Each month for many years, the “Aggie Horticulture Newsletter” from TAMU Extension carried Bill Welch’s calendar. Samples from the archives:


united kingdom

  1. Kathy says:

    I live in south Burlington, Vermont 05403. . Can you tell my the zone here? We are so close to the lake it seems like we’re in a microclimate as opposed to the next towns east.

    I love your newsletter. I heard you speak at the Worcester Botanical Garden 20 or so years ago & have followed you ever since.

    Kathy Boozan

  2. Marian Wolf says:

    I am looking for the calendar for Minnesota and do not find it in the list above. I live in zone 4B and you live in zone 5B so I would think there would still be a considerable difference in time when things would be done in the garden.

    I enjoy reading your newsletter and it is always interesting to read. I truly appreciate how much information you share for us gardeners out there. Thank you.

    Marian Wolf

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Marian. The University of Minnesota extension website has a brief to-do list that is here. You could also click around their website for more details under specific topics like vegetable and flower gardening and so on. Wish they had a more comprehensive calendar but …

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